VGA's = Failure

Ironstarmovement Writes: Like many gamers on Saturday night, I wasted two hours of my life trying to enjoy the VGA's. Considering the tremendous amount of hype generated for this event, it was extremely hard for me to crack a smile.

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YungXclusive2K93627d ago

I LOLED @ "and Steven A. Smith didn't go home and play Flower when he got fired from ESPN."

THE MAX SPEED 213627d ago

PimPin Snoop sure dont play no RPGS!!!!!!!!!

I just watched the show for the new games.

deadpoole3627d ago

I think writer of this article is a complete moob ... seriously directors/producers/actors/etc get various kind of awards such as OSCAR, Grammys etc for makin films which they make sometimes in half a years time or sometimes within a months period ... movie last for like 90 - 120min ... and thats it.

Whereas Game developers spent roughly same amount of money on developing games ... takes 2-3 years of hardwork and complete dedication ... games last longer then a movie ... you are able to control the main character ... audio quality is superb 5.1ch DTS surround sound ... and when u get all these things and u say there shoudln't be an award show ... well u fail Mr. ... These fellas require same level of recognition what film industry people get or even better.

Metal Gear Solid, Gears of War, HALO, Killzone, Uncharted, FEAR, Call of Duty franchise ... name a few has given longer lastin entertainment and satisfaction then any movie has ever given.

World is changing ... Newere Generation is more inclined towards gamin then movies and I can almost see that in near future film industry diminishin to ever evolvin and growin industry of gaming.

deadreckoning6663627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

The VGAs were a failiure, but that was mainly due to Geoff Keighley hyping it up to insanity. The only good announcement was Arkham Asylum 2. I'll watch again next year, but ill lower my expectations immensely.

@Baby- Dude, when I saw Mike Tyson come out with those Jersey guidos I knew the show was going down hill lol.

The Happy Baby3627d ago

the awards were good. but I usually stick to Xplay's awards.

This night was supposed to "blow me away". Reach's trailer did nothing for me. I dont think Halo is as much fun without being Master Chief. lol.

Dont care for Arkham 2. But im sure alot of people were jazzed about it.

Didnt care for Spec Ops. Bad Company 2 is prolly going to be alot better.

Force Unleashed 2---dear god in heaven, i hope this game is a vast improvement on the original.

I just wasnt wowwed. Unless you count Jwow. Trashy slut really gets me going. *I need some alone time, brb* :)

vhero3627d ago

I do agree though with some bits of this article that gaming is all about popularity nowadays and not actually how good a game really is. We are treated to the same crap over and over each year and the reviews keep dolling out 9+/10 reviews its a joke. The halos/GTA/MW type games are the worst example of this so its nice when a fresh game like Uncharted comes along. Internet gaming hasn't really helped the market believe it or not. I used to love inviting mates over for 4 player time-splitters and drink a few beers. Now you have to sit in different houses and talk over headsets to play with your friends?? It just doesn't have the same feeling...

Beast_Master3627d ago

Come on no-one was pshyced about Deadliest Warrior and True Crime? LOL. I do have to say I am intrigued with FU2, Halo Reach, Batman2 and Spec ops, but the rest of the "New Games" where garbage. Most where movie tie-in games or stuff that will fly under radar.

sikbeta3627d ago

VGA's = Failure thanks to G.Keighley, stop over-hyping guy!!!

3627d ago
cLiCK_sLiCK93627d ago

Heck, the biggest surprise at the VGAs was the GOTY. It was unexpected. At least they got something right for once.

The Lazy One3627d ago

Sure the presenters weren't exactly industry people, but it is spike, and they do need to generate viewers. When it comes down to it, hardcore gamers are the minority and casual gamers outnumber us by an enormous amount.

The announcements weren't ridiculous either, but it's an awards show. Save the announcements for a show that's about announcements. You should be thankful there is an awards show. At least great developers get a little main-stream credibility, which is one more step towards the industry being accepted as a dramatic medium.

Sub4Dis3626d ago

he's not criticizing the idea of an award show for games. he's criticizing that show itself. and i agree 100%. it was god awful. and obviously staged.

The Lazy One3626d ago

it's really a null issue. Games don't pull enough weight to make demands on networks yet.

It's either you get a sub par show and have awards on a major network, or you don't have awards on a major network at all. I'll take the former.

Sub4Dis3626d ago

i'll take the ladder. i'm happy to keep gaming as far away from the mainstream as possible. bad enough gamers taste is nearly as dumbed down as movie goers. now we gotta have cheesy award shows celebrating our decline into the mundane?

i guess Yahtzee was right when he said, "If you feed humanity flavorless wall paper paste for decades, then you shouldn't be surprised when that's all they want to eat now."

darkmurder3626d ago

I found the show hilarious, the many failed jokes were pretty funny as they weren't well received at all.

DeadlyFire3626d ago

Just skip the show next time and watch the premieres online a day later at its so simple. I didn't care at all for the awards and I don't now either.

Most of the videos were kinda meh to me. I did like the Spec Ops trailer and the Medal of Honor trailer. They were awesome. Other things were okay, but not as good as I expected.

You people complain to much.

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Kalowest3627d ago

First and last timing watching it.

n4f3627d ago

e3 suck was hying but it end up sucking
tgs was hyping out it end up sucking
and now vga: new games around trying to tease for a secret game , suppose to have zelda trailers. it end up like e3 and tgs. suck

Myze3627d ago

Although I can barely understand what you are typing, I completely disagree about E3 this year. In the past few years E3 was terrible, but this year's was really good and makes me want to pay attention to it again in the future.

VGA awards, on the other hand, did suck. Only redeeming factor is who got a couple of the rewards (mainly UC2, thinking it was gonna be snubbed). There is really no reason to watch it. Two hours for no entertainment value and any reveals can be seen 10 minutes after they are shown on another site, anyway. If they want to make the awards better, they need to get rid of the stupid staged humor, get rid of the musical acts, and replace all that with more video game premieres. Remember, the better each year's show becomes, the more likely it is that they are able to get meaningful premieres. (I'm curious if the people behind Crackdown 2 pissed off the VGAs to have them show something as horrible as that trailer)

sikbeta3627d ago

What you watched, Nintendo E3? lol

SONY CE E3 09 was Absolutely Amazing, so much Awesome Games...

badz1493627d ago

but E3 was great these last 2 years, especially Sony's although the same can't be said about Nintendo! E3 was always about games! (although you know, one particular camp always brings in celebrities!)

but I agree about one thing VGA was all about fame! most of the awards given were nonsense!

p/s: E3 2008

za3redrum3627d ago

True, there are too many events. E3, GamesCom, TGS, and much more. 3 is more then enough hyping.

solidjun53627d ago

Last time I'm going to watch this crap and last time i'll listen to that boy (Geoff) when he cries wolf.

himdeel3627d ago

...but his megaton announcements are all bogus. Not one is worth even mentioning as a big announcement, but more of a side note. He's either totally out of touch with what gamers want or he's cashes a check every time he cries wolf.

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