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3619d ago
Tr10wn3619d ago

Nice comparison GT5 a Driving game vs Halo:Reach a FPS game hmmmm i got a question who is the hero in GT5?

karan86243619d ago

You cant say EVERY PS3 game is GOTY. Choose one, damn it

And btw... racing games dont get GOTY. Doesnt happen

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Noctis Aftermath3619d ago

A little lite on content, but still better then waiting till next year.

sikbeta3619d ago

Couldn't say any better, Day One Purchase for me, I'm getting sick of waiting XD

vhero3619d ago

Its obviously a "lite" demo, we will probably see a more full demo nearer launch.

Crazyglues3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

As someone who bought GT5p and loved it, (and already pre-ordered GT5) I was hoping they would do a huge update for those fans..(people who bought GT5p)

the people who supported the game big time by buying Prologue..

I would have loved if they just gave us the nurburing track -and maybe two others, with a few more cars like the Corvette ZRI and Ferrari 458 and Lamborghini LP560-4

This would have kept me more then happy as I wait for GT5 the full game..

But this demo is seriously Lite and kind of silly as it won't really reach the right market.. (new fans who might want to pick up GT5p and then GT5 the full game in March) -this is just once again a huge miss opportunity to really get the fans excited for the full game.

I don't know who is running these things at Sony or Poly Digital but for the love of god, fire that idiot.

Because this is an Epic Fail on getting people excited about the game. it's just too lite and weak. it's almost 2010 you got to step your game up - these days fans need a lot more to get them excited.

Some may disagree but as a super fan, I just wanted to say I was really disappointed at this - this is not how this should have been done... IMO. because the game is such high quality that to do a weak demo like this does the game a serious injustice.

I want people to understand why this game is so epic and why it's so amazing, your not going to get that from this demo. If anything it might make you feel the game will be boring.

It didn't have to be for just people who bought GT5p but it did have to be much bigger then this.. This just seems really weak for a demo.

novcze3619d ago

Crazyglues: do you know what GT Academy is, right?

Perkel3619d ago

it's not GT5 demo it's GT Academy Time Trial.

Demo of GT5 will be out later (probably next year)

Time Trial also weights ~230MB so it's compressed to faster downloads.

Also you can't even scrath car in this time trial because demage is off..

Crazyglues3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Yes I do know what GT Academy is, but I don't think new people get it..

to them they just see demo.. so in that sense I wish they would have just done a serious full demo instead and put this in it, so for people not into the Academy thing they could just skip it.

@ Perkel

I don't think there will be a demo out later next year, I think they will just do this.. -but lets hope I'm wrong..-but I don't think they will because the full game comes out end of March -that's really a short time.

Theonik3619d ago

It is out on March in Japan only. The US will get in summer and the EU is still unannounced.

WildArmed3619d ago

wtf o_O
220MB.. smalled Next-gen demo ever.
Doesn't mean it's not badass! I wanna try those photorealistic graphics myself o_O
Even though I hate racers.. I was about to buy GT5p for it's photo-realistic gfx, but seems like this demo will quench my crave

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unrealgamer583619d ago

wow only 220?
lol looks like i'll give burnout a rest.

mal_tez923619d ago

That'll take me a whole 10 minutes to download! What bullcrap!

But seriously this looks like a lot of fun!

thief3619d ago

Would be interesting to see how much they have changed the physics engine. They need to take care of a few things by the time GT5 comes out
- car AI: not just a bunch of cars running in a line
- Damage: if only to shut up the 3rd best arcade-sim franchise
- Online: Needs to be the best, just to keep up with the rest of the game

Graphics, car physics, content - have no concerns on those fronts.

thereapersson3619d ago


There's Forza and Gran Turismo. What's the third racing sim franchise you are thinking of?

thief3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I am not talking about THE racing sim (GT5). I am talking about damage in arcade-sims: Grid, NFS Shift and the #3 in its category, Forza

thereapersson3619d ago

People talk about how good Forza 3's damage model is, but it's all the same damage points on every car. There's nothing "dynamic" about it.

nycredude3619d ago

I have to agree Forza's Damage model is crap. You hit a car in one corner in the rear and miraculously the entire rear just get's damamge. It's looks tacked on and cheap. I also ran the car at around 100 mph into a wall and all I got was scratches on the hood and I drove away. BS.

beardpapa3619d ago

I was playing GTA4 a month ago and noticed.... the cars in that game have actual damage deformation. Not just hit the corner of the car and bam! a separate texture/model piece takes its place, but the actual model itself deforms. This being GTA4!

mal_tez923618d ago

Both have amazing looking damage

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The story is too old to be commented.