HD DVD Vs Blu-ray - OnGoing Poll

Out of 1819 votes 1452 (79%) of the visitors believe Blu-ray in the end will win the format war. The poll will be up for another week.

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Brian3604743d ago

coming from a Sony biased website

FadedDRFT4743d ago

I'm sick of this sh!t, every bloody day, i dont care who wins, as long as i can watch HD movies in the comfort of my living room, Blu-ray or HD DVD, yawn.

kspraydad4743d ago

Although YOU might be sick of it there are a huge number of people fence sitting on a choice so that they don't choose the next 8Track or Betamax...HD is a big investment for almost anyone and getting a 'feel' for who is going to win out might allow people to make a choice easier than listening to some knob at BB tell you what is 'cool' or what 'sux'.

So..tiresome, yes...needed, yes.

And Brian...please, instead of complaining why don't take the time to set up your own poll and let us know the results. Make sure you post your bias too...mkay?

sonarus4743d ago

Don't think the site is sony biased but these polls really arent representative of anything. Half of the ppl who vote are fan boys

Brian3604743d ago

this site only caters for Sony consoles

Vip3r4743d ago

Brian, Blu-ray is doing better in the market whether you like it or not.

BIadestarX4743d ago

I also believe that Blu-ray may be the format the will win against HD DVD.... but come on! This poll is completely bull crap. I guarantee you that if they do a poll like this on HD DVD would come on top. This site is not bias? Why they only have the follwing categories?
» PS2
» PS3

it's obvious that most people visiting that site already own a playstation... I mean look at the comments posted... they are all Sony fans.

What other results were you expecting?
Seriously... what's the point of this poll?

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The story is too old to be commented.