The Gamers Temple: Borderlands Review

The Gamers Temple writes: "The first question that comes to mind when most people see some screens from Borderlands or watch a trailer for the game is, "Is Borderlands an RPG or a shooter?" Well, that's not necessarily an easy question to answer. On the one hand, it's far more an RPG than a shooter with its classes, experience levels, skill trees, quests, and all of the usual trappings of an RPG. On the other hand, combat is not a slow-paced methodical affair, being neither turn-based nor a simple matter of selecting the attack button and letting the CPU roll the dice. You need to aim, move, strafe, and everything else that you need to do to survive in a first-person shooter. So what we have here may be one of the world's first shooter-RPGs. A hardcore RPG gamer may not appreciate the twitch-based combat, and a hardcore shooter gamer may be a bit put off by the fact that there's some dice-rolling going on behind the scenes (what do you mean I'm too low level to hit that monster???), but everyone else should have a great time with the game."

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