Lair Release Date Pushed Back to Early August

EBgames, Gamestop, and Gamespot are reporting a slight delay in the release of Factor 5's upcoming PS3 title "Lair." This delay is little more than a week, tiny compared to the delays that many games (and subsequently, their fans) have endured. Neither Factor 5 or publisher SCEA have addressed the delay, so save your angry petitions for later.

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THWIP4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Or, "This is Waiting" :o

techie4745d ago

ah witty. Such a well thought out response. You think of that yourself? Wow...such a sharp sense of humour you have.

ps. this should be under rumour, but I know it to be news it is.

_insane_cobra4745d ago

And watch this: DelayStation 3 :)

techie4745d ago

Love spot on. It just sums up the feelings of a whole community in one simple catch phrase. Perfect.

InMyOpinion4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )


LOL! Look at poor Deep doing massive damage control! Trying hard to make the Dismaystation look good. ;)

_insane_cobra4745d ago

Cheer up, deep, we're just joking. A one week delay is no big deal.

BubblesDAVERAGE4745d ago

If u agree with this guy makes you just as much as a fanboy as he is. Yet this is a pro xbox fanboy site..maybe the site should be changed tho

BlazeXXL4745d ago

you're really pathetic aren't you? Guess this is what you do when you're constantly out of money cause you need to refund your broken console, noob.

It's a f*cking week delay, OMG, "SELLING MAH PS3 CUZ I CANT WAIT 7 DAYS L0NGER!!!??!"

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Tommie4745d ago

Oh well, there's plenty of more PS3 titels coming out soon. (NOT!)

Bloodmask4745d ago

example of Sony promising and not delivering. It sure is a shame to all the fans though.

techie4745d ago

it's Factor 5 not Sony. They want to make their game perfect and need the extra time. Funny it's delayed for a week and all the doomsdaysayers come out.

nice_cuppa4745d ago


should i sell now to get the most money back or stick with it.
(if i sell i will buy a second hand ps3 around the holidays)

techie4745d ago

if you're not going to be on topic don't comment. Write a blog or forum post about this if you want to discuss it. As this is about the Lair release date.

nice_cuppa4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

thanks deep.

p.s. WELCOME BACK DEEP. ( please dont turn into a sony fanboy !)

this is why i as the question.

honestly i do thank you deep.
motorstorm is sweet as f... i give it a strong 8 out of 10
rfom the same a very strong 8 out of 10

its just the hype sony put out and the games i actually got were very different.
i have no doubt ps3 will be an amazing platform for games.
but not yet.

thank you though.
sorry if i got heated its just that in the uk #(were i am)
it cost alot of money and really hasn't delivered.


techie4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

no i think you should sell it personally, as if you've had it for a while it's too early...there aren't enough games for you to play, especially if you have a 360. I just got a PS3....which means I have Motorstorm and Resistance to play until Ninja Gaiden and Lair come out. That is my honest opinion, so don't presume my response. But it's not for this news post.

*edit*Well I'm very happy with my purchase...and I feel it'll be worth the money I paid (£390). I've only played Motorstorm, and lots of demos (Sigma)...F1 (WOW, just wow at the GFX) and GTHD (and flow) and I am already satisfied...but since I know the games I want are coming, I am not worried. But i can see that you may not have anything to do if you got it a while ago. Plus this is my only i hvae loads of games to choose from

m000b14745d ago

Cuppa whats your online name?

Rybnik4745d ago

Agreed, Deep Motorstorm is f#@ing AWESOME!!

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Violater4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

To complete the Darkness and Sigma.
How strange it is that people who do not own a PS3 always seem so concerned, thanks guys it really means a lot.

wait for it......
wait for it.......

(see Borat that's how it's done)

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