Square Enix teasing Final Fantasy XIII demo?

SCRAWL: "Sonia Im, Senior PR Manager for Square Enix America, has posted a very interesting update on her Twitter account tonight. Attached with the image above, Sonia wrote: "The memo inside hinted at something cool most of you can participate in a few days from now :)"."

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fffan93913631d ago

Maybe, but what is that in the picture? I hope that downloadable Chocobo doesn't come on a disc.

GameGambits3631d ago

I thought SE already confirmed there would be no English demo? Maybe it's the Advent Children Japanese demo on the Japanese store? Or maybe it'll be put out worldwide for all to DL? But seriously it's really hard for me to believe they'd make a fresh demo for USA players when they said already they wouldn't.

I personally hope it's the FF14 beta since I already have FF13 japanese version paid in full for lol. :P

iamtehpwn3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I wonder if Microsoft knows some of those screens have PS3 buttons in them, and that the PS3 version is running.

Darkstorn3631d ago

Dude, N4G is not for 360 fanboys. Not a single agree? Take your flawed logic elsewhere.
On topic, I'm also hoping it's a demo, and all evidence points to that.

Jmlopezbr3630d ago

They never confirmed that they weren't going to do an english demo. They said they probably were going to and if they did it would be on a section completely different from the ACC demo.

rockleex3630d ago

"Current gen" thing Square Enix has ever released on the PS3!!


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Parapraxis3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Well 12.17.2009 is the Japanese release date...but also happens to be a Thursday, when the PSN update hits.
A demo would definitely "hold me over" until march.
Seems likely that it will be a PS3 demo for NA.

EDIT: Sonia works out of Cali. and has posted on the Playstation Blog (Sonia Im // Senior PR Manager, Square Enix North America).

DEFINITELY sounds like a demo!

NecrumSlavery3630d ago

Hell even if it's on the JP PSN, I'll figure out my way through the menus, cause that would be the greatest thing to happen this year. Yeah it would all be in Japanese, but you know it's square's merry christmas gift to US/UK, if it happened.

BTW.....Isn't the Advent Children FFXIII Demo around 5gb? That's huge.

Redempteur3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

After teh god of war 3 and the two ratchet demo i don't care how huge the demo is


(also MAG beta player ) .. ( mag made me upgrapde my drive from my 60gb to a 250gb )

i'm ready for anything ...

Dutch Boogie3631d ago

I hope it's a demo of some sort. I would really like to see how it plays. The last FF game i bought was FF10 which was incredible. I hope this comes close in terms of story and character relation.

ssipmraw3631d ago

yeah 10 was good but 12 was pretty meh, i only keep it because of possible future resale value XP

im not gonna look at anything XIII related until i buy the game

Meryl3631d ago

If it is a demo I hope it comes to PSN, I will be downloading it to compare with the Jap demo I got quite a while ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.