New Modern Warfare 2 Glitch Plaguing Xbox 360 Version writes, "Infinity Ward was quick to fix some of the major bugs that had been plaguing the multiplayer portion of Modern Warfare 2. Using a combination of unusual button sequences, weapon swaps, and sometimes careful jumping players have been able to exploit the game's programming to cheat. Two of the more prominent bugs (the Javelin and Care Package glitch) were fixed in the most recent online update, as well as many of the bugs allowing players to move inside walls. However some of the exploits remain in the game, and have seen increased use with the removal of other exploits."

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mephman4735d ago

I wonder if they'll ever actually get completely on top of these problems.

-Alpha4735d ago

This is why we have betas. Public betas.

Additionally, this harms buyers more than the devs since they've already made millions off the game.

UltimateIdiot9114735d ago

The only incentive to fix is probably so players will buy the DLC to replenish their well of money for their money shower.

SilentNegotiator4735d ago

I knew IW wouldn't hardly test this game or its patches.

11 million foolish customers and counting.

Redempteur4735d ago


This is ridiculous .. no one tested the game ...

Ace Killa 084735d ago

they will never do that, they will leave this game glitched and move on to the next game. because thats what every dev out in the gaming business does.


villevalorox4735d ago

My cousin is playing it now with his friend, to be honest it is kinda cool, they should make a mode like it, only way to end the game is if someone gets a nuke. He gor 80000+ Xp in one game although it took like 45 min for the game to end if not longer.

TheDeadMetalhead4735d ago

PROTIP: Test your damn games before you release them.

blu_yu_away4735d ago

This is ridiculous. Can't even get into a game that isn't full of boosters. Matchmaking is completely f*ckin broken.

ZootHornRollo4735d ago

the IW team beta tested and QA tested the game them selfs. and they couldnt even do that right. im going to get the dlc of some sorry sucker and not waste any of my money on this crap pile.

and another note. this game is made for people with no real online gaming skills. cant wait for MOH

RecSpec4735d ago

There is a glitch (PS3 only right now) that lets you become 10th prestige instantly.

Seen about 30+ 10th prestiges today. Ridiculous.

agentace4735d ago

Please say your being sarcastic, its only a badge whereas this glitch completely breaks the game if you get rooms you dont want and team killed for points & streaks.

I cant believe i brought this game its so crap in every way and i knew it was crap before i brought it, but i still did which is really annoying

Sarcasm4735d ago

I swear, there's so many cheaters on MW2. There's one guy who called in a UAV and knew the locations of my team members. Then there's another guy who somehow got a hold of the air force, and used jets to drop bombs on us. And to top it off, there's this one guy who I saw actually used a gun to kill me in the game! Ridiculous!

RonRico4735d ago

Weren't these guys the best studio at the VGA's? Yeah, great job.

sugard04735d ago

Exclusively on XBOX 360
Jump in!

(Jump in to a match that you dont want to!)

Guido4735d ago

You do realize that the team who created Infinity Ward were the first to make Medal of Honor right? Don't be a douche please. making fun of folks for liking the game is not for the gamer zone.

Xbox Avatars Shoe4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

"These sorts of exploits are very frustrating, particularly since the issue lies directly with Xbox live and how it interacts with the in-game matchmaking."

I disagree. I had a lot of fun going 652-231 on Rust while getting 15+ Chopper Gunners in the process and finally finishing the match with a Nuke after 2 hours of fast-paced Run n Gun.

What IW REALLY needs to fix is all of the campers. They need to add some sort of incentive for Run n Gunning. 90% of players camp to get the big killstreaks which makes the people who try to Run n Gun get shot and killed from 5 angles from people camping in buildings. Almost every map is tailer made for campers with the single-room buildings which have a view of all of the ally ways and/or paths.

It's almost impossible get an awesome K/D Ratio while Run n Gunning in MW2. If I RnG, I go like 20-10 but if I camp I always get al least 30 kills with under 3 deaths. I get like 10 kills with my gun and then my air support gets the other 20+.

In CoD4 most people would RnG while the few who camped were scolded but in MW2 camping is the nrom and it's gaaaaay.

TheFreak4735d ago

OMG I am really happy now. Didn't buy the game, just borrowed it from a friend so I could play the campaign. I have said it before and I will say it again the battlefield games are 1000X better then the cod games.

bacon134735d ago

Is anyone else out there liking MW2 less and less everytime they play online. After playing the crap out of this game since its release, I am really regretting getting into this game as much as I did. The guns are unbalanced, killstreaks encourage players to camp instead of use the map, and online is plagued by racist, immature people both young and old. I don't want to even get into all the glitch issues that are rampant as well.

likedamaster4735d ago

The only problem I'm having is boosting in 'Free For All' matches.

nycredude4735d ago

Does Activision and IW even test their products before release. Any body who still thinks Modern Warfare 2 isn't a POS rushed game with half a single player and an ok multiplayer needs to rethink their reasoning. Looks like IW should have accepted the offer of an increased budget form Activision.

Perkel4735d ago

hope they will fix this fast

jeseth4735d ago

Its bad enough MW2 glorifies mediocre players with all the Killstreak crap in this game (If you equip Care Package, Harrier, Chopper/AC130 a player can just lay down and hide while they mow down 25 players), but all the glitches and cheating going on in MW2 is ruining the competition and fun in this game.

C'mon Infity Ward, you shoulda done your homework instead of milking the MW Cash Cow!

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gwcommander4735d ago

lots of bannings from MS are in the future.

LordMarius4735d ago

Haha stupid bots, enjoy your non-GOTY multiplatform game, since thats all you can have.

kissmeimgreek4735d ago

a couple of days ago all you fanboys were talking about the VGAs being pure sh!t and that MW2 would be GOTY and that yall didnt care.

but now that UC2 DID win its suddenly the most important thing ever? You fanboys are just sad (on both sides).

LordMarius4735d ago

haha im sad because I can change my mind? O_o

suck it xb!tches and your non-GOTY sh!tbox

AliTheBrit194735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

All they can have?


How about the other half a dozen GOTY contenders?.......

Seriously think about it now, there where what, 2 games? of any worth at all for the PS3 this year that the 360 only gamers couldn't have

Wow........You must feel so great about that, that you had to come to the N4G Open zone

Sh*t, shouldn't you be playing Uncharted 2 or something?

And how does it feel knowing more PS3 owners bought Modern Warfare 2 in the first week, than the total amount of PS3 owners that will buy Uncharted 2 in the next year.

LordMarius4735d ago

Yay, I caught AliTheBot once again

Omg I care so much for these games more than my mother, I cry at night every day because of MW2 success and so I come to the Open Zone to spew my hate.

lol nah, AliTheBrat :)

AliTheBrit194735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Marius let me tell you something

I make an assumption, that fellow human beings I meet and exchange words with, be it on the internet, in person, on the phone etc. have a certain level of maturity, and that they are on a level of discussion and reason

I do NOT assume they are merely fishing or baiting people in to something for the sake of it

- Are you really so foolish as to think I dont know exactly what you're doing?

But because I work on this assumption of maturity and so forth, I refuse change the way I communicate in order to not get reeled in my some child's only method of entertainment and probably only method of attention, so here's some advice
1. Its a big world, go find the attention you so desperately crave somewhere else
2. Grow up

Have a nice day bud.

TheDeadMetalhead4735d ago

Most sites gave Uncharted 2 GOTY, not just VGA. o.o

PopEmUp4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

It funny how you called people to grow up, when you are just a 12 years old kid wasting his life on N4G 24/7, What a Facking Loser!

Consoldtobots4735d ago

"1. Its a big world, go find the attention you so desperately crave somewhere else
2. Grow up "

oh the irony....pot meet kettle...lmao.

MechaZillaTron4735d ago

I own both MW2 and Uncharted 2 and they both rock! All I can say is that Sony has provided it's gamers w/ quality online gaming for free without the scare tactics that Microsoft has been so eager to invoke this past year,i.e. banning on an unparalleled degree. The PS3 version of MW2 has outsold Microsoft till this day so why would it be considered a win for Microsoft if it was awarded GOTY? Keep on chirpin' all you want but a fact remains a fact even if it is ignored.

karan86244734d ago

I still dont like the VGA's

They HAD to give UC2 GOTY, if they gave it to MW then gamers would freak out on them. People know UC2 deserves it

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Lord_Ranos4735d ago

OMG Microsoft is full of crap. Why arent they stoping this.

Christopher_Walken4735d ago

It's not really MS who needs to fix it. It's Infinity Ward

Sunny_D4735d ago

Lol, are you trying to be like the guy who blames Microsoft rather than Infinity Ward for a glitchy game? Like the people who were blaming Sony?
This isn't Sony's or Microsoft's fault at all.

Lord_Ranos4735d ago

Yea I know I just wanted to see if anyone replied. lol

kissmeimgreek4735d ago

haha i was about to reply... sorry but its really hard to tell when people are effin around on here... some people are just to delusional

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