VGAs – Xbox 360 Scoops 5 Awards

Billy over at X|i sieves through the VGAs to round up the awards handed to the Xbox 360, providing a small overview thereafter.

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Xeoset4173d ago

...Sony fans complaining yet there was a carbon copy of this celebrating the PS3's successes.

Eddie201014173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

Who's complaining. Two post yours and mine as of 7:27 PM 12/13/2009.

LtSkittles4172d ago

Yeah, you kind of have to wait to say ITT, after people complain.

Good for Sony, and good for Microsoft.

Rock Bottom4172d ago

Forza 3, GTA DLC and Shadow Complex really deserved to win in their categories. But how the hell do they have a prize for "Best Voice Actor" and another for "Best Performance By A Human Male"/"Best Performance By A Human Female" and one for "Best Cast" and yet they have nothing for best new IP/original game?!!

It's like they just added those awards to attract celebrities.

TheDeadMetalhead4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

ITT: 360 fans don't know how to use ITT.

Also, good job crying "Sony fanboy" when you were the first comment.

Xeoset4172d ago

And if I didn't, there would of been no chance of getting this approved. We all know how this site is dictated.

On Topic: An amazing collection for the Xbox 360. Really deserved more awards in my eyes.

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Kevin Butler of Sony4173d ago

Did they win the most important award? Game of the year?

They didn't?

What did that go to? It went to Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

The game with epic gun battles, nearly impossible escape scenes and loads of betrayal?

Oh ok.. Nothing to see here people.

kissmeimgreek4172d ago

gosh darn youre just the coolest person kevin. i seriously want a ps3 after you convinced me that a hoop and a stick werent fun... thanks.

By the way good post... but you kinda lost it on the last line.

Xeoset4172d ago

FLOY went to Uncharted 2.

At least Forza 3 sold a million in a month and actually managed to be in the NPD sales list.

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deshon094172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

good job on both sides

Lord_Ranos4172d ago

LMAO 360 barely won those awards. Like Jack Black said that night.

''360 IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LIKES POO AND PLAY POO GAMES LIKE LEFT FOR DEAD POO''. Then they forced the poor soul to leave the stage when he was telling the truth about the POOBOX 360.

LtSkittles4172d ago (Edited 4172d ago )

He also said "Unfarted Poo,"so,yeah, he was joking.

@Below if that makes you sleep at night.

Lord_Ranos4172d ago

Yea he joked about the ''Unfarted POO''. But he really mean it when he said Left for Dead POO. LOL

Jerk1204172d ago

Sure he did.

Jack Black is a comedian. You're not supposed to take him seriously when he's joking around.

It makes no sense how he ''meant'' it when he said Left for Dead POO and not when he said Unfarted POO because for all you know it could've been the other way around.

But, the general consensus, is that he meant none of it, he was just being funny, which is what he likes to do.

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