Anime classic Akira hits Xbox Live next HD

Microsoft scored another debut of animated content moving to HD for the Xbox Live Marketplace, as it recently announced the anime classic Akira will headline the rollout of anime from distributors FUNimation and Geneon.

Despite initial growing pains with slow downloads and that too-small hard drive that's so expensive to upgrade, Lions Gate recently revealed that its movies have been rented 150,000 times on the service and called it a "promising sign" for their library and digital delivery. Along with the anime, expect content from Logo and CMT to also hit the service starting Monday, although no word on what, if any, of that will be in HD.

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Diselage4745d ago

Last time i checked all xbox 360 games came in HD, so why do people keep saying "Oh it's so great and it's in HD". Just getting kind of annoying now.

fjtorres4745d ago

Translation: animated movie.
*Not* a game.
So yes, Akira in HD is news.
And the various series from ADV that are coming is also news (of the good variety).
Lotsa folks eager for this.

DrRage774744d ago

the reason this is news is because this is a MOVIE that will be available in the fact that Akira is an older anime movie, so having it in HD is a big plus to all those fans of the movie that have only viewed it in standard definition.....

ironwolf4744d ago

But, unless your HDTV has about a 10 ft screen, the difference between HD and standard DVD is pretty much nil for anime and cartoons.

My satellite provider gives me a hidef cartoon channel, and frankly, my reaction when I see it is "huh, big deal".

Don't take this as a reaction to other hidef video sources; just for this type of animation.

Satanas4744d ago

Akira is an anime classic. Anyone who claims to be an anime fan who has not seen this, better watch it. I believe it's also coming to Blu-ray and possibly HD DVD.

I already own the limited edition though, but this is nice for anyone who does not own it/has not seen it. Definitely recommended.