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Sonyslave33623d ago

I epect at the next E3 Square is going to announce FF 15 & FF 15 versus.

_insane_gamer_3623d ago

Can you imagine how good FF 100 could look like :P

hay3623d ago

Considering the jump from FFXII to XIII imagine how XV would look like ; p

dpdvxkpizbnwg3623d ago

I don't think i can see XIV on the current gen. But it would be an awesome launch title for the 520 or PS4!

SpoonyRedMage3623d ago

I personally can't wait for FF 30 for lols with the roman numerals.

mjolliffe3623d ago

The list of FF games makes me laugh. So many!

GameGambits3623d ago

Uuh XIV is coming out in 2010 for PS3 and PC. Where were you when the trailer was put out at E3? Heck there is even an official website for it and everything lol.

Square even said 15 will be out in about 2 years after 13, so late 2012 I'm guessing we can expect it.

darthv723623d ago

they might want to rethink the "final" part of their naming scheme.

sikbeta3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )


If they want to last forever I'm OK with that only if they don't MILK the franchise ala COD

I'm Not saying a FF-FPS

"Final Fantasy Modern Crisis Core at war" XP

Nihilism3623d ago

Great news for US, despite the fact that square has lost some of their charm, the FF series is still the greatest RPG series of all time, I really do hope it lasts forever, now give me a HD FFX you kindly chaps

AKNAA3623d ago

That shouldn't be hard to do considering every FF always has a new cast of characters and storyline...
But I always wonder if the first final fantasy game was suppose to be the first and last judging by the title and all?!....

SpoonyRedMage3623d ago

Well there's a few stories about where the name came from, Sakaguchi said it was intended to be their last game as they were going out of business but Uematsu had a different story and Kawazu, who is the guy in the article said they decided on the initials FF and the word Fantasy would be in the name before they picked Final, due to the fact that they had a game called Deep Dungeon before it... or something weird like that.

AAACE53623d ago

If they keep taking so long to make their next installments, it probably will last forever!

We'll probably see FF15 in the year! Just kidding guys!

UltimateIdiot9113623d ago

Does anyone else find that statement ironic?

Limited_Vertigo3623d ago

@ darthv72

I'm going to assume you don't know why the series is called Final Fantasy, look it up it's quite interesting.

I see no reason for them to think otherwise about FF. Every game in the series has offered more entertainment per dollar than any other game I've ever owned.

Sarick3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Shouldn't or wouldn't it be better to change the name to Forever Fantasy?

Forever Fantasy or even Fantasy Forever. ^.`

Godmars2903623d ago

More like rethinking the policy of reopening a story. Reopening and expanding the worlds these Final fantasies take place on.

Marceles3623d ago

*indian tear comes down Sakaguchi's face*

I wonder what would happen if he was still working on FF

NecrumSlavery3623d ago

Final Fantasy 100????

Oh it hurts my brain to imagine what technology will be like when it releases.

calis3623d ago

"Shouldn't or wouldn't it be better to change the name to Forever Fantasy?

Forever Fantasy or even Fantasy Forever. ^.`"

the story is (i think) that the original Final Fantasy was the last game they were making before Squaresoft were going to shut down, but I think that game actually saved them.

Godmars2903623d ago

Considering the time they take to make a FF, we'll be looking at holo-deck technology or Martix level interfacing by 20.

whothedog3623d ago

The Never Ending Fantasy

vhero3622d ago

Of course they do its GOLD MINE. Just like Bungie with Halo, except each game is differnt and decent unlike Halo where each game gets worse than the last.

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kaveti66163623d ago

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen. Square Enix will continue to produce games that the public wants, and it often measures the public response to games by way of sales, not even by reviews. So, as of now, the Final Fantasy series looks to continue to be a heavy seller. So SE will make FF games, at least the full-scale games for consoles, for now and probably for a few more iterations.

But eventually, the fandom for FF is going to diminish or move on to something else. It is inevitable. What seems unstoppable now may end up disappearing in the future. I don't expect Poke'mon to last forever, nor Halo.

I remember a time when Power Rangers was all the rage, and now it's slowly fading away. I'm not bashing Final Fantasy, btw, just stating the obvious.

mjolliffe3623d ago

Disagree. Completely.

It's not going to last for the rest of time, sure. But it'll last for so many gaming generations and human generations to come.

lordgodalming3623d ago

Ha ha! Did you just compare Final Fantasy to the Power Rangers? Son, you're all right.

On topic, I will buy single player FF games for as long as Square makes them.

The Great Melon3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Final Fantasy games will essentially last forever in the gaming world. The only way they would die is if Square Enix goes under and the rights aren't in someone else's hands or RPGs go out of style. Neither of those are likely to happen.

Square Enix knows that Final Fantasy is one of their biggest series, and they will make sure that they don't screw it up. Also the name Final Fantasy is just simply that, a name. Take any good RPG they make and slap that name, a chocobo, and Cid in it and voila you have a Final Fantasy game.

TapiocaMilkTea3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Yes, the franchise "final fantasy" will not last forever, eventually, people will be sick of it, and SE will be forced to end it with a final final fantasy game, possibly called "forever fantasy" to get the hype going again. That game will be HUGE, bigger than all the final fantasies combined, it marks the end of series......

But of course, SE will continue to make great RPGs, so the name changing is just all about the money. If they do it right and the last final fantasy is indeed the best one of the whole series, people will start begging for another final fantasy, just like how they're begging for a FFVII remake now. When the time is right, they can revive the franchise and release "forever fantasy 2". Money money money, so easy. I should totally run the game company.

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