Shadow of the Colossus re-release next February?

Redmond from TeamICOgamers writes :

"I've just noticed that all major Japanese retailers have a new listing for a reprint of Shadow of the Colossus (The Best edition) for the 4th February 2010."

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LordMarius3630d ago

At first I was like :D
then I read "The format is PlayStation 2."
so I was like >:[

Kain813630d ago

Man i hope that this get a RELEASE on PS3 with HD resolutions, Trophy support and AA and maybe improved graphics, but i want SotC Team Ico make it happen

3630d ago
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thereapersson3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

When PS3's don't even read PS2 games? You would think the VERY LEAST they could do is put the files on a blu-ray disc and make it readable by the PS3's hardware?

Sony's biggest fail this generation was removing the support for games that were compatible with their most successful console. It's a shame so many dumbass cheapskate gamers wanted it removed from the system in order to reduce the price...

sikbeta3630d ago


Please make it for PS3!

omni_atlas3630d ago

Y'know, I do have a 60 gb PS3 with PS2 support, however its a SE Asian model, and the stupid region restrictions still apply. Do you know how hard it is to get ICO and Shadow of the Colossus in NTSC-J?

I finally got SoC, but I'll like to try out ICO too.

If Sony could re-release them in PS3 format that would be great.

Shendow3630d ago

PS2 is going to last 10 years, so their isn't a point in making PS3 play PS2 games and they can finish up on making it run right in the PS3.

Plus I could care less about playing PS2 games on my PS3 because my 60MB memory card doesn't work with the Memory Reader -_- so that kills it and plus I would like to have the PS2 system to just play them.

Its the same reason why I keep the Playstation(Not PSOne/Slim model) around to play all my old Playstation games.

zeeshan3630d ago

Only a matter of time guys. It's only just a matter of time before a PS3 HD remake appears on our local Bestbuy/Walmart/Gamestop etc shelves :)

bacon133630d ago

Oh Boooo! Why would they re-release this on PS2 again! Bring it to the PSN at least. What a great game, one of the most memorable I ever played.

Christopher3630d ago

Honestly, if they did the same thing with ICO and Shadow of the Colossus that they did for GoW 1 & 2 for advertising The Last Guardian, I'm fairly certain tons of PS3 gamers would love it and would go a long way towards getting more people interested in the next game.

Prototype3629d ago

This is only a theory, not a proven fact so don't go runnin around saying its 100% true:

I'm thinking this will be one of the test games for when they bring backwards compatible as a fw update to the ps3. I know people will argue to the grave there's tons of ps2 games but with some sort of enhancements to them would raise a very good question of why

rockleex3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Because the HD remake for PS3 will be Digital Download only, which is why you don't see it listed in retails? :P

Saaking3629d ago

SotC in HD would look amazing. I really want a Team Ico collection.

raztad3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

If they are reprinting the game that could mean it's hard to find a copy. SotC is a gem, everybody must have it.

Dont be surprised if close to The Last Guardian release, Sony puts another collection together. SotC would look amazing, not so sure about ICO.

Obama3629d ago

I got SOC on my old phat ps3 :]

SilentNegotiator3629d ago

Because the 138 million PS2s haven't disappeared?

But I would have preferred a PS3 remake or at least remaster :(

Bathyj3629d ago

Its a shame, I like everyone else would prefer re-mastered to re-released, or at least PSn version so its playable on PS3. (Not for me, but for the whinning masses.)

Still, hear my words, if you havent played this game yet, its well worth buying a PS2 just to play it. I mean, what are they now, like 50 bucks?

Team ICO Collection please.
I know you know you're already getting all my money Sony, but I'm sure I can scrape up a bit more for HD Ico and SotC.

vhero3629d ago

Could be a downloadable title..

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bujasem_893630d ago

i was planning on playing the one i had again but if this has trophies ill wait

AssassinHD3629d ago

It is being re-released on the PlayStation 2.

njmzhang3630d ago

They should release ICO and SotC on ONE BD disc

MaximusPrime3630d ago

agreed, even thou i only played ICO demo...

I'd like to play ICO full game.

Tonys Creed3629d ago

With HD graphics and trophies support!!!

TheHater3629d ago

Just re-release on the PS3 and I will buy it....again.

devilmaycry20203629d ago

they should bundle it with The Last Guardian like an extra game or whatever.

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mastiffchild3630d ago

Hang on chaps. This isn't bad news for a hoped for, longed for Ico and SotC HD for PS23 at all is it? It seems very odd to me that they's be in JUST to brush up a no-massive-selling -anyway game just for PS2 when nearly anyone ever interested is already a PS3 owner by now.

Surely this can only be a by product of the proposed PS3 dual release to drum up further deserved interest in TLG sometime in 2010 and the PS2 stuff would always be out first as it'd be easiest. I think them looking again at it can only mean the PS3 release from PS2 that make the most sense is now incoming.

miasma3630d ago

Good comment mastiffchild. Bubble+

walken73629d ago

I was looking all the way down the page to see if someone else was thinking that. It really doesn't make much sense to re-release the ps2 version, they've gotta know how much the masses are clamoring for a Team Ico collection for the PSTriple.

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