Blend Games: Avatar: The Game Review

Blend Games writes: "In Avatar: The Game, players control a human soldier named Ryder who has just landed on the jungle planet of Pandora. He's part of a Resources Development Administration task force attempting to wrest control of the planet away from the indigenous Na'vi race so that mankind can plunder its natural resources. That's the extent to which I can summarize the plot because, well, that's all the game really tells you.

Perhaps to prevent the game from rehashing exposition from the film, Ubisoft has decided not to explain much of the plot. For example, the RDA grows Na'vi bodies in vats and has troops like Ryder psychically control them - what's the purpose of these "Avatars"? How does that even work? To find out, you'll need to consult the "Pandoraopedia" in the options menu."

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