Amigo's R622AG WiFi router mirrors Xbox 360 design

engadget fairly sure Amigo Technology's R622AG WiFi router meant no harm when it came out of the laboratory looking exactly like Microsoft's latest console, but be surprised if no legal teams are contacted over this one. The four-port router supports 802.11a/b/g, includes a pair of USB 2.0 connectors for sharing external data or printers over the network (shown after the jump), and should look like a long lost twin situated beside your Xbox 360. No word yet on price nor availability, but this thing definitely outdoes the other 360 copycat we saw just days ago in terms of closest resemblance.

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KoolMan4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

lets wait and see how it turns out

THWIP4745d ago

...that this is more than mere coincidence. It's VERY likely that this router is 100% LIVE compatible, and designed to work with the 360 wireless adapter, as well as coordinate well aesthetically. If it's not already an unannounced "unofficial" 360 accessory, MS would be foolish to threaten a lawsuit, without first trying to work something out with Amigo.

KoolMan4745d ago

it will be a foolish move if they did but since MICROSOFT goes for the money Ill bet they will work something out 4sure

Diselage4745d ago

They didn't even want to hide the fact it looks like a 360 did they?

DrRage774744d ago

even the power button looks EXACTLY like the 360 power button. okay, if this thing is not an authorized accessory for the 360 that was approved by microsoft, then i have a feeling there will be some legal issues. this company is clearly trying to market their wifi router to gamers so that they can sell more, especially to 360 owners

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