Medal of Honor Trailer Impressions

[email protected] Writes: "Many of us saw the Medal of Honor Trailer at the VGA's last night well after reviewing the trailer a few more times you can see there is more than what meets the eye! A lot of what I'll be talking about in this list could probably be pretty stupid but I thought We should mention them just in-case."

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Rob Hornecker3626d ago

Thank you for your VERY detailed review of the MoH trailer. You noticed a few things I missed. MoH has now become my most wanted game of 2010.

I have read a few reviews comparing it to MW2 and must say it looks a heck of alot better. It will be fun to see what is in store for us in future news releases for MoH.

Once again,GREAT job and keep us fellow modern military simulation fans informed.

syanara3626d ago

I am still curious to know who the good guys are though. they look like russians but they could be mercs too.

Rob Hornecker3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

From what i've read the main setting is in afganistan ,so I figure they will be alquda or talban or some sort of insurgents. It was to bad they cut the video short last night,but....

To bad they canceled six days in F. That would have been a GREAT military sim.

Also check out my comments in the VGA's:Medal of honor reveal trailer post located else where in the 360 section of N4G.

AAACE53626d ago

It's obvious they were very inspired by the Modern Warfare franchise, but the good thing is it looks like they will take a more realistic approach to the game. So those of you who don't like how MW2 is kinda arcadey have a game to rejoice about.

NOTE: They are both modern combat games, but will have their differences. I would say to not compare them to eachother because they will offer different experiences... but this is N4G afterall... throwing anything in this pot is like throwing it in a tank with!

Capdastaro3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

This game looks so freaking amazing.

Since most people will be comparing it to MW2...

I'm pretty sure it'll blow MW2 lacklustre story out of the water, no doubt.

Although, even though the whole WWII scene has been worn out, it's still sad to see it leave its original roots, but out with the old in with the new.

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3626d ago Replies(1)
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The story is too old to be commented.