Sony dates new PSN games for Europe

About time SONY show some love for EUROGAMERS, here is
the dates for this month's PlayStation Network releases(EUROPE)

Calling All Cars and Super Stardust HD will be both be arriving on the PS3 download game front, the former tearing up in cartoon style on June 22 and the later arriving the following week on June 29...

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1337 gamer4743d ago

been waiting for calling all cars :D

masterg4743d ago

I just made some US/EURO/JAPAN accounts so I can always download everything that is on.

1337 gamer4743d ago

yea iv done that as well but you will only be able go get free stuff, u cant buy from them.

Devilbringer4743d ago

baah why cant europe get a good real game demo like ninja gaiden, folksoul, healevly sword, lair, devil may cry 4. just One of them would be great . im not so in to this minigames. i want real Good games. havend got a real demo since motorstorm. oh ye i forgot we got a tennis demo woho ! ....

techie4743d ago

Well I've got Sigma and Folklore demos