Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 - I've been sucked in again

With bated breath Nathan from Allegedly Speaking waited for the announcement of a new Star Wars game in 2010. It was possibly the only reason to watch Spike's VGA awards this year. Will the announcement of The Force Unleashed 2 satisfy Star Wars fans who were hoping for Battlefront 3 or X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter?

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Liuqahs153623d ago

Saw the trailer; wasn't impressed. Not much to go off tho, as I'm no fan of the series. Never even played the first game. Hope they fixed the controls, cuz man that game was broken.

hay3622d ago

Liuqahs15: "Never even played the first game. Hope they fixed the controls, cuz man that game was broken."

Really?... It's nice of you having opinion not playing the game actually.

bacon133622d ago

Yea, I love when people contradict themselves along with not being able to type properly. Liuqahs15 = fail.

The first game was ok. Nothing beats Jedi Academy though. Kyle Katarn FTW

Komega3622d ago

OMG you like Kyle Katarn. WORST JEDI EVER! Shave the fruity beard Grizzly Adams.

Karum3622d ago

It's just so......stupid

bacon133622d ago

I'm Kyle Katarn....I take offense to that. All good Jedi have a sick beard.

Komega3622d ago

Sorry about that Kyle. Tell me something, do you ever get pieces of nerf burger stuck in that shaggy thing? Hey, why is my throat closing up? gasp....wheeze....cough....

Chimerhazzard3622d ago

I agree with you that Jedi Acadey is the best action star wars game ever... but saying that Force Unleashed 1 was... ok? The game was terrible :\ just try to jump, it feels so ridiculous, so unnatural :\

The only thing good about that game was Force Push and Force Grip. And even so, it was hard as hell to try and target the Storm Tropper you wanted to grab amongst many.

3621d ago
DeadlyFire3621d ago

Jedi Academy/Jedi Knight series is still the best. I hope one day Lucasarts sees that. They might see it now with Star Wars Legends coming up. Could have some potential to be like Jedi Knight gameplay. It is to be published by Activision. No clue on it just yet. GDC and E3 2010 will be interesting.

As far as this game goes. I see nothing good from it unless some real gameplay is shown with some real changes.

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Komega3623d ago

Yeah, wish we would have seen some gameplay footage but oh well.

SpinalRemains1383622d ago

I gathered that this time you have the choice to play the game and follow a Sith or Jedi path. You can stay evil or turn to good I think. Yodas voice was narrating along with Evil ones and he was using blue light labres. And I don't remember verbatim what Yoda said, but it was something along the lines of choosing your path. I think that's really cool as I missed out on KOTOR, and I loved inFamous because of that aspect. It makes any game that much more fun to play.

Komega3622d ago

I thought we did that in the first game. I can't remember exactly but didn't you have a choice of which path you get to go down. I'd go back and play through again to find out but the game is just to buggy.

SpinalRemains1383622d ago

The story was linear. It just did what it did and you had to do it. There was no real choice until you get to the end of the game. I am thinking this time will be filled with many more choices a lot more often. The frequent choices make for a more realistic experience and you kid of bond more with the character.

MWong3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Funny read, but ever so true. I didn't like the first game all that much, but I'll be picking up the title on day 1. Because it's Star Wars. I just hope they fix the glitches and also revup the graphics engine.

BootHammer3622d ago

I was actually happy to see this instead of another battlefront game announced. Unleashed was a good game if you are a Star Wars fan.

bloop3622d ago

I really enjoyed the first. True, they made a few doozies on level design (like with some of the Rankor fights) but I definitely got my moneys worth. And being a Star Wars fan, I loved the story.

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