Halo Reach Video Looks Fantastic

CVG Says " Bungie has come good on its promise and released the first in-engine footage of Halo Reach at the Video Game Awards 2009. It looks wiiicked."

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tdrules3622d ago

not too p1ss on anyones bonfire here.
but someone analysed it and it has ultra high AA, therefore there os no way that was TOTALLY in-game

-Seven-3622d ago

not too p1ss on anyones bonfire here.
but someone analysed it and it has ultra high AA, therefore there os no way that was TOTALLY in-game

Fishy Fingers3622d ago

It's in-engine, not in-game. Of course they will dress it up for it's unveiling, it's usually the case for all games, but you can expect the game to at least be in the same vain.

It was enough, for me at least, to show this will be the first Halo game to show a dramatic improvement over it's successor.

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green3622d ago

According to, the video is the opening cinematic for REACH and completely representative of what you will get when you control the character.Go and play Halo CE,Halo 2, Halo3 or Halo 3 ODST and point out which cinematic in any of those games was not 100% in-game graphics?

Bungies cinematics have always been the same as in gameplay graphics.

Perjoss3621d ago

There is no reson they cant up the AA for cutscenes, dont mean the AA is going to be that high in gameplay, look at replays for any driving game, seeing as the replay does not have to calculate any physics the console can afford to output more beauty (more AA, better motion blur etc). So this could very well be in engine, just that the engine has various modes, just like driving games have.

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GrandDragon3622d ago

The BOTS are allowed to dream, whilst reality stands firm before them in all its glory.


talltony3622d ago

trailer was underwhelming and the graphics are unimpressive BUT I have no doubt that it will be a good game. this is a full halo game unlike odst.

Traveler3621d ago

The graphics were not underwhelming. They were actually some of the most impressive I've seen.

AngryTypingGuy3621d ago

The graphics in the trailer looked amazing. However, just like any game on any system, the only graphics that truly matter are the actual gameplay graphics, which we have yet to see.

Udidntlistenpunk3618d ago

Only a moron would think that the graphics were in game.

Does anyone remember the CGI trailer of Halo 3? The one where Masterchief throws a shield grenade on the ground to protect himself from incoming missiles and then he starts to run and jumps off a cliff?

Deja vu

If that was a Sony trailer, all internet would have exploded with "zOmG Sony is lying to us again, full CGI trailerz"

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XDF3622d ago

If this great news for all gamers. How the heck can anyone criticize the huge improvement Bungie is doing for Reach if you are a true gamer and not a hater.

I guess it is not on PS3 and that is the problem here on N4G.

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Raf1k13621d ago

The trailer does look good no-one other than an idiot would deny that.

To me this looks a whole lot better than ODST.

Perjoss3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

I agree, even if you hate MS and Bungie and Halo, the fact that they make a game that raises the bar just means that Uncharted3 or Killzone3 will have to look even better which is good for everyone. Lets keep moving forward? instead of barging each other side to side.

If I see a game that truly is jaw dropping I care not which system it is on, my thoughts focus on stuff like "wow, look at how far gaming has come since pong" it makes me proud to be a gamer.

Manberg9003622d ago

Come good on their promise my ass. The engine may not be the same as the Halo 3 engine but it's still weak as hell

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