English Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo Out This Week

The wait to try Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in English is almost over. Kojima Products mentioned on a podcast the were working on a translated demo. Now its dated for December 17, this Thursday.

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Saaking3631d ago

I kind of understood the Japanese Demo, but I still wanted to know what they were saying. Definitely gonna download this.

Batzi3631d ago

I am getting my PSP Go on the 19th 2 days after the release of the demo! What a gift!! can't wait!

Whitefox7893631d ago

You don't need a PSP Go to play this game just letting you know there is no exclusive between both digital and umd format, well except for KH: Birth By Sleep that game right now has no plans for a digital release due to copyright issues?

Batzi3631d ago

I know that man :P I just never owned a PSP before so I am getting the Go since it's the latest PSP version. I am getting a PSP just to play Peace Walker.

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iNcRiMiNaTi3631d ago

it better have that extra playable level that was included in the 2nd jap demo as well.

warden9763631d ago

been looking forward to this

jalen2473630d ago

Looking forward to this. I am been waiting for the English demo for a while now.

Keowrath3630d ago

Finally got to play the Japanese demo saturday just gone and was stunned how amazing the game looked. Controls were a lot different from what I was used to with Portable Ops and not being fluent in Japanese made things a bit... Slow.

Can't wait for this and of course the final product. I'm still disappointed that it's not going to be a full blown home console release but from what I played on Saturday, I think it's going to be stunning!