WhityTheReviewer: Bayonetta Video Review Reviews the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 version of PlatinumGames latest action adventure game, Bayonetta.

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Rikitatsu3627d ago

I suggest everyone to watch the video review here, I agree on everyword he said.

Filanime033627d ago

Yup pretty good review. Some of the things I found out is how awesome the gameplay is. You can use the weapon of the monster that you just killed. No wonder this game are getting good review across the board. It short but it look sweet.

deadreckoning6663627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

I'm buying this on Day 1 cause I LOVED the demo. Its great that its getting good reviews, but I made up my mind as soon as I played the demo for the 3rd time.

If the demo is any indication of the full game then I have no doubt in my mind the Bayonetta will be the king of the hill as far as the action genre is concerned. Move over Dante and Lara Craft lol!

@tato- Idk why PS3 fanboys hate on this game. Us PS3 owners get to play BOTH. It might be because Edge gave it a 10 out of 10. Now GOW3 can only EQUAL Bayonetta in Edge's opinion and can't get higher than a 10 out of 10. Maybe thats why. LOL, when will people realize review scores don't mean jack.

Simon_Brezhnev3627d ago

I might rent it i would had given it more chance if Platinum had put any effort towards PS3 version. What i really don't understand is since this game is really more of Japanese fetishes why not build the game 1st on PS3 since action/adventure usually do better on PS3.

Nikuma3627d ago

Nice review.

Really looking forward to this game. :D

MGSR THE HD VERSION3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

"why PS3 fanboys hate on this game. Us PS3 owners get to play BOTH."

simple, hack n slash= competition against God of war and so they must hate on it....HOWEVER, they will not hate on it IF this hack n slash is a ps exclusive.

did they hate on DMC?

until DMC4 went to 360 they did.

did they hate on NGS2?

no they instead promoted it.....not the 360 version, by their standards NG2 was unofficially made, the real version is NGS2.

if the game benefits the other console they will give it the lowest opinion possible.

the funny thing about this is that they appose this very train of thought publicly and they don't like it cause it makes them feel very guilty about it.

a PS gamer loves it best when he says he doesn't like the game.

360 gamer- you don't like halo3 cause you think it's graphics are poor...25 disagrees. (most of them coming from 5 or 6 angry ps3 gamers)

ps3 gamer says no it's not that....25 agrees.

(couple days go by) ps3 gamer.............halo3's graphics suck...25 agrees.

(no seriously look up all the ps3 threads.)

MisterNiwa3626d ago

Oh cmon, now stop dreaming, Halo 3 has bad graphics, wake up, boy.

Oh, btw, Bayonetta is an awesome game. Nothing less to be expected.

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tatotiburon3627d ago

wow another great score, waiting for the ps3 fanboys to bash this review..

Bayonetta is the new slash queen

SoapShoes3627d ago

Getting good scores doesn't qualify it for being the king/queen of a genre because other games got just as good of scores. Maybe you think that if a review says it, that means everyone agrees or they are a fanboy? I know many friends who only own an Xbox who didn't like it but other that did.

hulk_bash19873627d ago

At any rate I will be getting this and GOW III day one. Darksider's also looks to be promising and Dante's Inferno plays almost identically like GOW so I'm gonna have to pass on that. Seeing as how it's coming in Feb and GOW III only a month after, I can easily wait.

Christopher_Walken3627d ago

I enjoyed the demo although I will probably end up not purchasing it.

Too many games to get already. Perhaps I can mooch off one of my friends.

pippoppow3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

ehh, any good game that's on the 360 makes Tato scream like it's the ultimate game and the 360 is the best console ever.

Those that liked DMC will most likely think this game is at least a good game. Glad Sega is Publishing another quality title though.

IQUITN4G3627d ago

Best game on 360 right now and that's just from my several million plays of the demo

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