Nonsense Gamer - Harvest Moon: Animal Parade Review

Dallas Pursley of Nonsense Gamer wrote:

"Harvest Moon is, for the most part, a series that has remained largely the same throughout its various incarnations across multiple platforms.

It's also a series that has gained a cult following of loyal fans over the years that can tell you how to maintain the perfect farm down to the letter. Heavy on farm chores and light on the RPG-like story, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade doesn't go too far off the traditional Harvest Moon gameplay.

This is probably both its greatest asset and downfall."

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malfesto3623d ago

Since the days of the SNES I've been quite an avid follower of the Harvest Moon series. It's just one of those marmite-esque titles that you either love or hate...I don't think there's much middle ground.

Klipsched3623d ago

I agree. Harvest Moon has a very loyal following and leaves little in the way of middle ground. It's either love it or hate it.

matgrowcott3623d ago

I could never get into Harvest Moon. It always seemed too much like number crunching without any real reward, like continuing through the story.

I'm an avid gamer, but could never bring myself to game just for the sake of it.

I should play a more recent one, might change my mind.