Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Still at Large

The Javelin glitch might have been patched yesterday but cheaters are still at large online with Modern Warfare 2. Ever been in a free-for-all game and wondered why within a minute or so someone has already unleashed a harrier strike or chopper gunner? Well chances are you were in a room with a bunch of cheaters.

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ZBlacktt3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Every single day we all get to read just how pathetic this game really is. As if COD4 was not bad enough. No one should have expected anything less from this rehash game of COD4. It's really sad that the legit player's who love this game so have to pay the price. I feel for you guys really. As I myself used to play MGO ( Metal Gear Online ) A LOT! But I too got sick of the glitchers and lag switch users and after 1200 hours and two legit level 14 player's. I just went cold turkey on it. I've been over on UC2 ever since the day it came out. I play Co-Op's mostly as that way the other player's are on MY TEAM, lol. So no cheater's I have to face. Beside, UC2 is pretty darn clean from cheater's.

But, since COD is a very popular game. The cheater's will flock to it and stay there. Nothing is ever going to change until IW steps in and starts banning consoles.

Lord_Ranos3626d ago

I agree Call of Duty 4 is a much better game in my opinion.

ReservoirDog3163626d ago

Haha, no disrespect meant but ever thought of applying a little of your time towards something somewhat productive? 1200 hours? That's probably how much I play in a year.

Think, you could've been halfway towards curing cancer or something with even a fraction of that time.

But on subject, cheaters suck. That's all I have to say. Especially the ones that actually try justifying what they're doing. Bleh...

Guido3626d ago

They had them like mad in COD4 but you learn to just leave the lobby or find the cheaters. Either way you can always find a way to counter them. It just takes patience.

HardcoreGamer3626d ago

play as a party of 5or 6 and play ground war, its funny as team leader, all i have to do is shout glitcher and find out if hes doing it for the deal.

then we just all leave the game and let it crap on themselves with boredom,

i know its crap on us but heck it got bad a few times i just said il be on another time. and changed games for the time being

bacon133626d ago

It really is a shame how glitchy and un balanced MW2 is. The online is also plagued by immature and overly angry people. I don't think I've heard someone say "good game" yet in the lobby. I agree w/ Guido. You just need some patience. If your screaming at your TV and these people, your giving them exactly what they want. It's just sad some of the people that have been playing these games online.

StanLee3626d ago

Whether it's a paid service or free you will always find cheaters. What's baffling is that Infinity Ward didn't see this coming when the introduced tactical insertion into the game. From the first time I saw how tactical insertion was going to work, I knew this was going to happen and told everyone this was going to happen.

Guido3626d ago

Some good news Bacon, I was in a lobby this past weekend where I spent a few solid games with a few guys who said just that, good game no matter win or loss. The good guys are there but it may be a few months before the idiots get bored with MW2 and move on to the next new hype. COD4 was ok at the beginning but it was not until the second year that the game had so few idiots and their trash talk. Give it time.

Johnny Jiron3626d ago

(granted I only play Team HC or Search & Destroy HC) I've come across only one cheater. He was using the Javelin glitch. Had the patch been up I may have never seen a cheater yet. This supposed rampant cheating seems a bit stretched or maybe it's isolated to specific game modes. I dunno. I guess one's own experience differs from another.

It also may have helped that while playing on Live, I take full advantage of the system that allows you to ignore and avoid players you wish not to see again. It's there for a reason. Maybe all the avoids I mounted up in the previous CoD helped me avoid them in the new one. It a system that only works over time, but eventually you'll only be paired up with players to your liking.

Regardless of all this, cheaters infest just about every single game. Developers do their best with the resources they have to monitor their games. However, they are only human and won't be able to catch everything every time. Email and forums are a nice way to voice concern or problems.

I'm having fun with the game tho, so that's all that really matter to me.

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Lord_Ranos3626d ago

Sh1tbox 360 version is the most cheated of the 3 versions from what I've seen.

CaptainAmerica3625d ago

duh, no one plays POS3 online.

UC2GOTY3626d ago

what can i say? NEVER SURPRISE! the cheaters are noobs.

UrGrannyzATranny3626d ago

When your on the 360 and u have to pay to play online, yea it sucks. PSN will have an update to patch that crap in no time. For some reason, every time I've played that or any other shooter on the 360 ppl love to cheat. I think M$ should look into this matter. It is wwwaaayyyy more cheater on xbl then it is on PSN. I sure hope then don't have Natal cheaters. That will just kill it for me.

Knightofelemia3626d ago

Why cheat at a game I can understand if a player really sucks at a game and has to cheat. All cheating does is wreck the online experience of people who actually play the game the right way and people who pay 50 bucks a year for XBL. Infinity Ward should be doing something about it I know they patched the Javelin Glitch but it is still not enough. I have seen this game already traded in at a few gameshops I asked a guy what he thought about the game he said it sucks because people cheat at it. I think I'll trade the game in and go back to World at War or COD4

UltimateIdiot9113626d ago

I don't think IW can truly fix the game with patches. Just like a building, if it's build on a weak foundation then no matter how many patches you put on it will hold it up.

IW probably already knew that but who cares, they got their money. All that's left is the DLC.

JeffGUNZ3626d ago

You can't blame IW for this. It's a free-for-all match. If people are going to do this, then they will. The only thing IW could possibly do is remove that game type, which they won't.

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