£100 ultra small PC to topple PSP and DS?

A Taiwan-based laptop manufacturer has announced the launch of a new Ultramobile PC, which will be the first Windows-based computer to compete with the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP in terms of price and size.

Asustek Computers will launch the 7 inch screen Asus Eee PC in July this year at a price of $199 (£100) and, although it weighs in at 890g, which is somewhat heavier than the 275g of the Nintendo DS and 260g of the Sony PSP, it is still less than a standard bag of sugar...

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Expy4782d ago

Are they running out of product ideas?

Lumbo4782d ago

i don't think i would want to buy an Asus Pee PC , woops a typo ...

additionally the article claims it would RUN Windows XP ... I'll presume it more likely will be able to CRAWL Windows XP

Diselage4782d ago

Well if it offered all the features of a PSP sure maybe, but when it isn't able to play games like the PSP and I'm betting that DVD playback is atrocious then yeah probably not going to replace a PSP or DS.