Microsoft and Sony Flirt, Skirt Console Price Cuts

Strong sales of the affordable Nintendo Wii are putting the screws to console opponents Microsoft and Sony.

Rumors of price cuts to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have increased in number over the past few weeks. While Sony has been tight-lipped regarding its pricing plans, rival Microsoft now says it's time for a new approach.

Industry analyst Lazard Capital Markets recently claimed that Sony had reduced production of the PlayStation 3 in Asia, which the firm took as an indication that the PS3 will likely not see a price drop this year. In response, SCEE director of corporate communications Nick Sharples told MCV last week that the analysis was incorrect, while not going so far as to confirm or deny a change in price for the PlayStation 3...

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Bloodmask4736d ago

that fine picture of Kutaragi. But I must state that if the PS3 drops its price, Microsoft and even Nintendo will only follow suit. For the first few years of PS3s life it will always be roughly twice the price of the competition. Which equals the number three spot for Sony. To the average Joe Shmoe price and games are number 1. At this point in time Sony has neither.

DJ4736d ago

double the price of Dreamcast, but we all know how that turned out...

TheMART4736d ago

DJ, the Dreamcast only died because people believed in Sony's lies back then about the 'power' of the PS2. They waited for the PS2 to launch, and holding of their buy for the Dreamcast.

That alone made Sega's financial position that weak, that they were about bankrupt when the PS2 launched. Which made it easy to sell the PS2, and the XBOX too bad came in a year after that.

More important is how many consoles with the highest price of that gen failed. Neo-Geo, 3DO, CD-I and more... They died.

Plus, the other important factor is: the one that came out first. Because Dreamcast died, PS2 was out first (PS2 and XBOX, about the same power) and had that advantage.

Now the 360 is out first, thus DJ your logic has too much flaws.
360 will sell more then the PS3 for sure this gen.

More important: where do developers see money? At the 360, higher attach rate, people that spend more

Kokoro4736d ago

I love that sword Ken. He's out for revenge. that would be odd if the Wii had a price drop. I expect more another game rather than wii sport in the bundle.

sumfood4u4736d ago

A free extra controller, than make a Price/Cut! That's getting down to the Niddy Gritty!

Maddens Raiders4736d ago (Edited 4736d ago )

Coach madden says:

Stringer you're out! Hit the showers....

Kutaragi!?...Kutaragi!? *"ye - yes coach?"*

You're takin' Stringer's place. You're in!

Now let's go dammit...we got a ballgame to win.....go, go, go!

nice_cuppa4736d ago

im tired of hearing this now.

DrRage774736d ago

i agree....what is the count in price cut articles, like 500?? i keep reading these hoping to read some kind of official word from microsoft or sony about cutting the price and by how much, but EVERY article is the same stupid thing. it revolves around some interview where someone from microsoft or sony said something and people jump onto the wording of one sentence that MIGHT have something to do with a price cut, if you read between the lines, add a few words, and push some words into people's mouths...

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