Official Xbox Magazine teases more info on Project Needlemouse

GoNintendo: "The Rightful King Shall Return?: Sega has been teasing a game codenamed Project Needlemouse, which may or may not be a new 2D Sonic. Tune in next issue." - OXM

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THE MAX SPEED 213629d ago

the head shape doesnt look like sonic's. The head looks like the green Boat guy in Sonic Rush 2.

Vespertine3629d ago

Yes, but it's definitely Sonic The Hedgehog.
I'm really looking forward to this game, I was hoping we would get a trailer at the VGA's last night.

Looking forward to seeing more info.

gumgum993629d ago


that's just the light glare altering the silhouette "intentionally" to throw you off. It makes sense that Sonic's head is different here as most of his spines would be concealed with a silhouette of him inside the emblem.

Ninji3629d ago

I think we all know what it really is.

D4RkNIKON3629d ago

This game should take note from NSMBwii. Go back to your roots and make a game that real sonic fans will NEED to own.

Vespertine3629d ago

I agree with this, but I have a feeling Project Needlemouse will be mostly 2D, I could be wrong though.

DrRobotnik3629d ago

2d with hand drawn grapics and living interactive 3d backdrop, cutscenes, remixed music from classic titles, and epic boss battles. Then I'm sold. If not. Then I'll pass.

Vespertine3629d ago

Well DrRobotnik, Project Needlemouse is a NEW game, I don't think it will have remixed classic tracks. But the other ideas you listed sound great.

Redempteur3629d ago

popping up to say that i agree ...

a sonic game ,2D sonic alone ( tails accepted for a 2p mode , why not )
i'm not asking hand drawn graphics but i demand HD

NO transformations ...(super sonic is allowed )
At least a remix of some good sonic tracks ..

Just pick the guys who made the levels for the Ds rush games ...

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Abash3629d ago

Cant wait for next month!

Eamon3629d ago

I'm probably one of the few that wishes Sonic games will stay in 3D. Sonic Advanture and Sonic Adventure 2 were amazing but all the 3D sonic games after that sucked.

deno3629d ago

I am very excited. If were going back to old school 2d then it's a win. Say it, come on say it! SSSSEEEEGGGGGAAAAAA!!!!!!

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