Greenberg on VGAs 2009 "well deserving winners across the board"

VGArabia: With VGAs 2009 winners have been announced and each winner studio is celebrating its own success, we are starting to see famed people from the video games industry comments on the prizes and on the show as a whole.

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immortal843621d ago

It's good to hear him saying that.

Winter47th3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Yeah, it was a good VGA all around.

But I was let down they haven't considered an awards for Original Soundtrack of the year. Hans Zimmer did an amazing score for MW2, one could argue it was the best thing about the game.

Greg Edmonson on Uncharted 2 was pretty damn good too.

Amon Tobin excelled with inFamous.

THE MAX SPEED 213621d ago


I think it's because the show was too short.

Winter47th3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

With the amount of celebs they had, I'm pretty sure they could afford to stretch the show for another 5 mins.

thereapersson3621d ago

Amon Tobin FTW!

Ever heard his Cujo project, before he became what he is today? If you're interested, send me a PM

Lou-Cipher3621d ago

Team Sports game should have gone to either
MLB 09 The Show, or Fifa 10

Action Adventure should have gone to
Uncharted 2 (It won GOTY, how did Assassins Creed beat it in the Action Adventure category, but lose in GOTY category) makes no sense.

Best Voice Actor & Best Performance by a Human Male should not have gone to Hugh Jackman. WTF

Best Performance By a Human Female: Megan Fox? are you kidding me?

Best Cast should have gone to GhostBusters, not Xmen Wolverine

This show was absolute Garbage, just because they got GOTY right, that does not mean that they did a good job.

"well deserving winners across the board" (my A$$)

Don't even get me started at the yawn-fest the game reveals were.

thereapersson3621d ago


I didn't bother giving the awards my view, so I didn't manage to catch that. That sort of thing is what really makes me think this whole thing is a joke!

immortal843621d ago

In my opinion the best original soundtrack must go to Assassin's Creed 2. Assassin's Creed 2 has one of the most beautiful soundtracks ever, listen

kneon3621d ago

@immortal84 & Winter47th

Actually I prefer the Killzone 2 soundtrack. It just fit perfectly with the game from beginning to end

And I'd put uncharted 2 second but I seem to be the only one who liked that soundtrack. Assassins creed was good as was Modern Warfare 2. But that's the only area in which I think this game really excelled.

Game soundtracks have certainly improved over the years when there are so many great ones to argue over :)

foxtheory3621d ago

Yeah, I'm in total agreeance with ya. Jesper Kyd did an amazing job with Assassin's Creed, and Assassin's Creed 2 was even better. The use of acoustic guitar blended with the time period very well. And I really like the chase scene music, Venice's in particular. All around, Kyd did a great job of making sure the music fit the situation. Personally, I think he deserves the award.

Blitzed3621d ago

Have you played NHL 10? There is a reason the NHL series has easily been the most critically acclaimed sports game over the last three years.

You are of course entitled to your opinion, but it's only your opinion, and it seems the majority of opinions out there would disagree.

FamilyGuy3621d ago

Anyone eles feel like they skipped Uncharted 2 as the winner of the first few things it was nominated for simply so it wouldn't look like overkill? How does Jack Black win, or even be nominated for best voice actor?

Another thing: The game reveals weren't worth watching, though The Force Unleashed 2 was cool the only thing that interested me there was a movie trailer for that Prince of Persia game. Halo was for the fans and Arkam Aslylum 2 was good but expected news but what was Jeff K. hyping everyone up for?

AAACE53621d ago

Alot of gamers try to downplay the VGA's and say they are unimpressed and expect more. But gamers are jaded and nothing ever satisfies them. Look at E# and other such trade shows. They make a big announcement and no one barely applauds! It's sad that Don matrick or whatever his name is for MS has to clap his hands on stage to let the idiots know they are suppose to be clapping! Otherwise those shows are sad to watch!

This VGA was alot better than past VGA's, but I am concerned with something... With the popularity so the VGA's increasing, will developers start to hold off and announce their games there? Because that would hurt other shows. E3 would suffer, TGS would suffer... and as you may have heard, TGS is kinda in trouble because they are losing support due to fewer games coming from japan.

Hell, the thing could get big enough that they connect E3 and the VGA's together in a week long event! Since i'm saying everything i'm thinking, I also think they should cancel G4TV and merge with Spike TV. Honestly, there are only a few shows on there worth watching and that is X-play and AoTs! I don't even know what else is on there. I believe merging the 2 would bring dramatic increases to their viewership. More gamers would watch Spike, and more casuals could watch game shows.

caladbolg7773620d ago

Sad when the best version of the "best XBOX360 game" is NOT for the 360?

UltimateIdiot9113620d ago

I don't think gamers are jaded. Maybe some but overall, I think gamers have high standards or should have. But with a lot of casual gamers these days, shows like VGA barely reflects the hardcore or the semi-hardcore rather it's more of a popularity contest to please sponsors and the mass stupid. Just look at game journalism these days, it's like many of these authors traded in dignity and objectiveness for obvious fanboyism and quick buck

If gamers don't put a standard for the industry, VGA will just continue to be a joke and get away with it.

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alaa3621d ago

Congrats for the winners.

whothedog3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Yahhh use more comments like this, instead of putting people down.

thereapersson3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Something Greenberg and the XBOX team would do well to learn about.

Then again, they have to give their hardcore consumer base a draft to model their own behavior after, right?

RedDragan3621d ago

I was wondering if it was the same Greenburg lol.....

But yeah, he would do well to keep his opinions this way, and would recieve far more respect from the media if he kept on acting in a more professional manner like he did last night.

Greenburg is a likable guy when he is like this, but the fanboy role play he does so often is very irritating to more people than the fanboys who like it.

I would like to think it would help 360 sales if Greenburg supported the industry as a whole instead of talking dirt on the competition. Alot of gamers have the opinion that he is just an immature guy who got lucky in getting a high profile job, more comments like this and he will convince them otherwise that he is actually in it for the game!

Digitaldude3621d ago

Not really, some dodgy winners in some categories.
At least the GOTY did go to the right candidate saving the VGAs.

thereapersson3621d ago

Yeah, at least the overall GOTY was given to a game that not only validates the 60 dollar price tag, but offers more content ON DISC than most games can even hope to offer when supplemented by digital downloadable content.

Go Uncharted 2, and GOOOO Naughty Dog!

King_many_layers3620d ago

not to mention came out with a longer story, improved on all the general aspects of the game, added multiplayer, co-op and had a whole map added free of any charge.

when some high profile games have been cheating people constantly... I wonder if you can guess which game I mean.

shorter by less than half the last game in the series. Co-op added but made the experience slightly pants in singleplayer, took away the best update they made in previous title (inventory space) and added a whole online mode on the disc only to charge for one stupid unlock key.

Can you guess what that was ??

pimpmaster3621d ago

yea right, dev of the year rocksteady???

come on , IW are the ones that deserve it the campaign in MW2 was amazing. you cant act like u dont remember the EMP section or the ending or the makarov airport part. oh then the part where u rapell down and knife the guys.

or how bout naughty dog, uncharted 2 has the best visuals ever and ive never seen anything even near as amazing as the train scene, or the village that looks like the mgs4 act 1 village.

instead they pick a no name dev team which made a really good game but come on i think devs that have been doing great stuff for much longer deserve it more.

thereapersson3621d ago

What game did they develop again?

thereapersson3621d ago

Wow, how did I miss that?? Thanks for the heads up!

Unfortunately, I still haven't played the full version of Batman: AA, so any info on it has been temporarily forgotten. I just had the demo on my PS3 before it contracted the YLOD.

RedDragan3621d ago

*prepares his flamesuit*

I think EA deserve that title instead of Rocksteady.

FIFA10, NHL10 and MLB09 the Show were all amazing!!! 3 games worthy of 9/10 ratings!

*flames himself for saying EA deserve Dev of the Year.... AAARRGGGHHHH!!*

theEnemy3621d ago

Well yeah MW2's campaign is a helluva ride, it still won't make them dev of the year.

It was Rocksteady vs Naughty Dog by a mile.

But I guess they(Spike) wants some Batman <3, they made Rocksteady take the dev of the year award since they don't have a choice for the GotY. :D

gregplaysdrums3621d ago

The way I looked at that was that a solid Batman game hadn't really ever been made before but Rocksteady exceeded all expectations and released a great game.

I'm moreso upset though that Mark Hamil didn't win for best character voice. Sure, Brutal Legend revolved around Jack Black more, but come on, it's the Joker!

andron3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

But I knew about Rocksteady from before, they made Urban Chaos, I loved that game on PS2.

Ultra brutal FPS game where you were an elite cop fighting gangs taking over the city. Many have probably played it and didn't realize it was the same dev...

kneon3621d ago

I agree on Naughty Dog, just can't find anything even mildly serious to fault with the game other than I want uncharted 3 NOW!!!

But as for Infinity Ward I have to disagree. The campaign had a convoluted and ridiculous story line. The graphics were ok but the game play was far too easy. I'm not really all that good at shooters but I finished veteran mode without too much hassle.

The only time I had problems was with their stupid spawn points. If I died then I would restart in the same spot where I died with apparently 20 guns aimed at my head as I would often die 9 times out of 10 before I could even start moving. Yes that make it hard but it's just stupid and not fun. I'm still trying to finish Killzone 2 on elite and it's much more difficult, but not because of stupid spawn points. It's harder because the enemy are harder to kill, you are easier to kill and the Helghast behaviour is more realistic.

Another beef I have with COD games is that you don't play the same character throughout the game. I think that makes it less immersive as you aren't as connected to the character. Especially when they get killed off half way through.

As for the multiplayer I find that easier as well. And the scoring is just stupid, you can get points for just about everything you do. I don't need a constant barrage of points popping up on my screen. I killed someone, fine, give me my points, I don't need all these silly secondary extra points to make me feel good.

maxcer3621d ago


EA "published" two of those titles...


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