TGH: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Review

TGH writes: "Modern Warfare 2? tries to be the best offering from Infinity Ward (IW), and with having to deliver a sequel to the first "Modern Warfare, it's hard not to imagine the developers sweating bullets. Yet, gamers are critical, and rightly so when you consider the other "Call of Duty" games by Treyarch, and the fact that this is such an over-saturated genre. You would probably have to blame "World at War" for the lack of a challenge since every gamer I spoke to about "Modern Warfare 2? said it was too easy … on Veteran. Surprisingly, these days it seems that I'm not the only gamer looking to play my games on their hardest difficulty setting."

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jammy_703620d ago

its better than a 7 outa 10, i'd give 9

Anti-PS33620d ago

I tried to give this game a try and I have to say that it is lacking. The Auto Aim is ridiculous. It's like the first to see is the winner. Also there is so much camping going on in this game. And the graphics are terrible. It's like a Madden version of the FPS genre. The only thing you guys are doing is paying for the same game every year. I would give MW2 a 6/10. MW2 suck A**.