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9.5 Presentation
Without question the best front-end menu I've ever seen. Deep stack tracking is a nice bonus. Long load times and a lack of replay saves is the only thing that keeps this from perfection.

9.0 Graphics
Despite a fluttering framerate, this is the best-looking racer on Xbox 360 to date. Superb damage modeling and lush environments make every stage gorgeous.

8.0 Sound
What little music is in the game is catchy. Travis Pastrana does a nice job of narrating the career mode. Oh, and the cars sound wonderfully gnarly to boot.

8.0 Gameplay
It's incredibly fun, which is what matters most. Still, the cars lack weight, which makes a considerable impact on DiRT's overall feel.

7.0 Lasting Appeal
The single-player will eat up quite a few hours of your life and the harder difficulties are truly a challenge. It's too bad the multiplayer is poorly conceived and even more poorly executed.

Impressive OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)

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power of Green 4743d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

DiRT Review
The latest Colin McRae game is the prettiest racer on Xbox 360, but does that also make it the best?
by Hilary Goldstein
June 8, 2007 - The first time you slip DiRT into your Xbox 360, you may just crap your pants. The environments are lush, the lighting superb and the damage modeling incredible. DiRT is gorgeous. And the spectacular visuals are matched by the most impressive user interface to ever bless a console. Once the rush of the inspired visuals and eye-popping menus passes, you'll find a very solid rally racer. Though it's not the best of the Colin McRae series, DiRT is perhaps the most accessible. It's not perfect, but it's damned pretty -- and a whole lot of fun.


Are you retarded bro? this is a 360 review the PC will have its own and possibly have a different score!.

((((((Systematrix)))))))Don't talk to me about bubbles son they take them out of spite.

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Systematrix4743d ago

You're actually right, I apologize for the mistake. He changed it and I approved it anyway (hopefully righting my wrong in the process). And here you go tearing me a new one about it. Unnecessary, but effective I guess. I'd ask you why you're so bitter about life, but you wouldn't be able to respond since you're out of bubbles. Whoops.

Diselage4743d ago

I think we have a winner, people said the same thing about Rallisport Challenge 2 MP and that lasted a long time. In a lot of ways it seems we have a RC3 on our hands here and in that case i will for sure be picking this up.

ngg123454743d ago

Will be an awesome game none the less but it seems it will get in the 7-8 range. Motorstorm I think scored 90, 89, 90 at ign.

UrbanJabroni4742d ago

Why exactly does this warrant a Motorstorm comparison?

I'm starting to think all of the fanboys are "plants" placed by the printed game magazines to drive us away from the internet and back to a place where I don't have to read the same biased garbage over and over.

shysun4741d ago

Because before the scores came out, every Sony hater compared this game to MS. Now that it flopped, you guys want to act like it didn't happen.

Geohound4742d ago

a motorstorm comparison, didn't see that coming!

The menus for DiRT are pretty awesome.

Diselage4742d ago

I love the DiRT menus but their not exactly original, i just don't know why more companies don't use it.

shysun4741d ago

The menus?.........WTF?

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The story is too old to be commented.