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WildArmed3629d ago

very excited for this. PoP is one of the most prized action franchise for me (the last gen PoP ofc).

SuperMGS3629d ago

PoP will always be great, but how could they abandon the last game story line? I'm kinda pissed. I like that art style and was interested in the story line.

Fishy Fingers3629d ago

The last game was good, and the story began alright but had the most ridiculous ending, basically completely undoing what you just spent the entire game trying to accomplish.

GrandDragon3629d ago

Looks to be authentic and the guy looks Persian which can only be a good thing. No more ideal and romanticized image of what a heroine should like, but a true to life Persian Man.

All be it a very healthy strong Persian Man with long hair who looks similar to the old Prince....