Will Halo Reach be using a new engine? View the screenshots, you be the judge.

Burn360 writes: The highly anticipated trailer for Halo: Reach has come and gone and left us to ponder what is to come. With the beta due out in the Spring of 2010, only time will answer the burning questions that Halo fans ponder. Immediate reactions to the trailer released at the 2009 Spike VGA's are that fans are not overwhelmed by the graphics of Reach. Although pretty, the question has got to be asked : Is Halo: Reach using a new engine? Judging by the screenshots, theories are mixed. Have a close look at some still shots from the trailer released by Bungie....more


Over 40 High Resolution Images were addded.

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Chubear3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Wow, that's crazy.

If MS comes out and says this is a new gaming engine, they are lying through their bloody teeth. This is the same Halo3 engine that's been optimized.

You don't even have to ask, you can see it. This was a scripted cutscene that used in-game graphics. When the game is running, it won't be able to look like that cause resources are going to be used up for motion gameplay but even when you look at the texturing for this scripted cut-scene you can see lower rez texture detailing on a lot of things.

If they can't put out an extremely high fidelity graphical look for a scripted cut-scene then the in-game graphics for the actual game will not stand up to other multiplat games coming out in 2010.

If they they're still skimping on resources for halo at this stage then there's only one conclusion I get from that. They know the halo base and they know they don't have to try to think of pushing any boundries. It'll sell regardless so use a limited resources as possible and maximizes on returns.

Saaking3629d ago

I'd actually like an answer to that as well.

Is this really a new engine or just the Halo 3 engine redone?

THE MAX SPEED 213629d ago

of course they're using a new Engine. Just look @ the pictures they look better than Halo 3.

And if you remember the leaked picture even if they werent Clear they already looked better than what Halo 3 looked like.

Blaze9293629d ago

and this folks is why developers don't like to show off their game until it's near finished -_-

SnuggleBandit3629d ago

it looks about as good as gears 2...nothing mind-blowing that's for sure

deadreckoning6663629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Does it matter? People who like Halo will buy Reach with or without a new engine. The VGA trailer DID look a lot better than Halo: ODST and for Halo lovers thats more than enough. Instead of people concentrating on how Reach LOOKS, they should concentrate on checking to see if the GAMEPLAY has changed.

"thats the problem its so sad"
No it actually isn't sad. Its just that graphics just aren't as important in a game like Halo cause Halo has NEVER been about graphics. Halo fans want BETTER and DEEPER gameplay from each new Halo. better LOOKING doesn't equal BETTER in general.

Chubear3629d ago

Hell no. Gears2 in-game looks better than that dude, come on.

YoungKiller253629d ago

thats the problem its so sad

Chubear3629d ago

you damned right. Halo could come out cell shaded and it'll sell 10mill in one week.

NewZealander3629d ago

chubear stop being such a fanboy, you dont have to like halo, but do yourself and everyone else a favor and go away if it dont interest you.

7thNightvolley3629d ago

from this pics its not that impressive.. we cant fully judge with all certainty since a proper trailer is not yet out on or something .. till then .. we are not sure .. but from this pics they look like it was done on the halo3 engine.. i am a 360 but that much is clear... till a proper trailer with HD to watch we cant say.. yet..

multipayer3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I doubt most devs just throw away their previous engine, this is *new*, because they vastly improved upon it.

Also, Bungie games being usually good is reason enough to buy it.

Shadow Flare3629d ago

Agreed with chubear, that trailer should not be viewed as a representation of the games graphics. Its a scripted cut-scene using the game engine. Like chubear said, add other AI in with that, particle effects and other expected gameplay mechanics, and the graphics will be comprimised. If you don't think it will, please refer to the halo 3 launch trailers. Yeah....bungie have done this before

ABizzel13629d ago

It looks a lot better than Halo 3, but not as impressive as I was expect, but it is a new engine so I'll wait until their next game. The scene doesn't do the game justice since it's pretty much a barren wasteland. I want to see a different environment.

Arnon3629d ago

Putting two videos side-by-side of Halo: Reach and Killzone 2, it's pretty obvious that Halo: Reach character models have not only a higher polygon count, but they seem to actually have better ambient occlusion. Facial detail still goes to Killzone 2 however. Though, this could just be because of an art-style.

Halo: Reach

Killzone 2:

What's even more funny, is that we're looking at pre-alpha footage of Halo: Reach. Hurray for still having a good year's development time. EVEN IF Halo: Reach doesn't turn out to look this spectacular, the very fact that we have been told that this trailer is running in-game a year from now tells you that it will be a great looking game.

PatDH3629d ago

@ Arnon

That youtube vid of reach.. one of the comments made me laugh.

"the f$%k is this, power rangers?"

And yeah that's my story, bye!

CWMR3629d ago

-No, the reaction has only been mixed because you are including PS3 fanboys that won't say a good thing about the 360 if their life depended on it. The opinion of the vast majority of 360 gamers and neutral gamers that I have seen is that Halo Reach looks extremely impressive. Go read some comments on more neutral sites and you will see that the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Not to mention that you are still getting some extreme PS3 fanboys on those sites, just not as many.

Don't kid yourselves, Halo Reach is an amazing looking game.-

3629d ago
EvilBlackCat3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

that is ingame fools

please cut the bashing and cut the B.S.

@ MrJackOfAllTrades "the moron above"

This is real ingame engine >
But bungie or microsoft never said that was halo 3 ingame.

And in this one the same story but pay attention at> 0:51
same story they never said it was halo 3 ingame.

@ kalebgray92 1.21

ITS REACH dammit

RockmanII73629d ago

Of Course this is a new engine. You guys haven't played Halo in a while if you think that's what it looks like.

Space_cancer3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Old engine my a$$!

And The PS3 fanbois, they should get some kind of medal for epic stupidness ever. Seriously, comments are un-fvcking-believable.

kalebgray923629d ago

whats up with the grey scale... the halo i know is vibrant and colorful... not so much now

Jaces3629d ago

I don't see no real "big" improvements but it does look more polished than Halo 3 that much I'm sure about.

Can't judge until the final product, that is all I have to say about this topic.

el zorro3629d ago

ah ha ha ha look at all the ps3 fanboys pretending to not be impressed. "oh it looks a little better than Halo 3" LMAO you guys aren't fooling anybody. Halo Reach looks epic and the graphics are second to none.

3629d ago
Sub4Dis3629d ago

I don't know about you guys, but where i live Spike TV isn't in HD so i wasn't impressed with the trailer.... until i watched it again in HD:

If this really is in game and this is what we can expect while there's tons of action on screen, i'm sold. and if i know Bungie, we're going to start seeing little bits and pieces from here on out. if there's one thing they're masters of, it's making a great console FPS, but if there's two things, it's that and building hype.

preempt: for those of you that will say there are better console FPS, i'll admit there are better looking ones, but no fps on console is as balanced and has controls that tight and finely tuned. it's why Halo is so popular.

rockleex3629d ago

It looks amazing compared to Halo 3. That "level" only consists of a barren mountain region, so its very possible it was in-game.

It looks on about the same level of graphics as Mass Effect 2, Assassin's Creed 2, or Bioshock 2.

I'd say what we've seen from Alan Wake looks better than Halo Reach so far.

beardpapa3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I was really disappointed with the graphics considering the media hyped the new engine to be mind blowing. But I was really excited over the spartans prepping up. Anyway, seriously guys ... even 360 MW2 looks better than the in-game graphics of that cutscene. Those vehicles are simply too low poly. You can spot it on the hog. It looks so archaic now considering we've got games with vehicles that are higher poly than that.

@rocklee: No way man. Even AC2 looks better than what we just saw in the vid. The only thing that's crap in AC2 is the character model. So low poly and low res. But I suppose they had to sacrifice that for the dense city population and buildings in the cities. At least the AA was extremely sharp in the vid.

IdleLeeSiuLung3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

If we get in-game graphics like that, then it has exceeded my expectations.

Time and time again game play trumps graphics and that is where I want developers to put the most resources in. In fact, most great games don't look that great.

Imagine, how much better Mass Effect would have been with a slightly dumbed down graphics and considerably less frame rate issues!

MGSR THE HD VERSION3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

it definitely looks better than killzone2, it's got richer colors, better lighting, and the character models aren't made up 10,000 polygons like killzone2's are.



starchild3629d ago

Yeah, it looks better than Killzone 2 to me too. I guess some people just perceive graphics differently. However, nobody can deny that it is one of the best looking games around and expect to be taken seriously.

Sub4Dis3629d ago

for the naysayers and anyone that just wants to see the best quality version of this trailer:

watch this video and tell me it's not impressive. you'll have to download the wmv or whatever format, but it really is stunning. i hope the actual gameplay meets these standards cuz wow.

Jaces3629d ago

Bah, nevermind what I said before. I was able to see the HD trailer from gametrailers just a minute ago. Sucks cause I don't get Spike in HD, anyway it looks 10x better than pretty much anything the 360 has put out which is really amazing.

As for graphical's looking to have tough competition with Alan Wake, GoWIII, Heavy Rain, and Mass Effect 2 just around the corner. Although I have a feeling it'll be praised on high about its graphical power, it being part of the Halo franchise and what not.

SilentNegotiator3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Are you serious? Look at the low polygonal vehicles and the ugly faces and blotchy terrain.

You're just being a fanboy as usual, "MGSR THE HD VERSION"

bjornbear3629d ago

"Putting two videos side-by-side of Halo: Reach and Killzone 2, it's pretty obvious that Halo: Reach character models have not only a higher polygon count, but they seem to actually have better ambient occlusion."

Hey I saw the same video, and i've finished KZ2 and play it everyday and

sorry, no way =P still doesn't touch KZ2

However, it is definatly looking great, and finally seems to be maxing out the 360 in a good way

hades073629d ago

Why is it this generation all anyone talks about is graphics? I remember not that long ago, say 5-6 yrs ago when the PS2 took over the world, the Xbox was putting out better graphics and no one cared, but now that the roles have reversed and the PS3 is doing a bit better in the graphics department then the 360 and now all anyone talks about is the graphics.

The Emperor3629d ago

This is really something. First of all I like how people always are lie graphics this graphics that. if u want it to be uncharted go play that. halo was never into graphics. just look at the faces of every halo game, nothing special right? see I hate to generalize but ever since blu-Ray, all the Sony fans do is say if a game doesn't have amazing graphics they won't play it. it's sad, since they will say a game is GREAT if it has amazing graphics but mediocre gameplay. I'm not saying I hate good graphics, it's just I don't jugde a game by graphics.

As much as all of you ppl who ONLY bought a PS3 (since it seems you guys are always in 360 articles) for Reach to fail, it won't. Bungie will bring an amazing game, end of story.

Lifendz3629d ago

Halo hasn't exactly been a franchise that's wowed people least not since Halo 2. This one looks pretty good.

blu_yu_away3629d ago

Funny how we didn't hear all this same kind of bullsh*t after the Uncharted 2 or God of War III trailers revealed. All I remember then is "ZOMGZ!!! in game engine!!!". What a coincidence that now that it is Halo it means the in game graphics are all of a sudden gonna take some kind of gigantic hit.

Delive3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Your comment is true and has some weight to it, but there are exceptions. Halo's gameplay has never been a letdown for fans. The only gripes may have been about weapon balance. It is still Halo. But, when you see other franchises that are not as big as Halo come along with gameplay as good as or better than Halo, Online components that match or exceed Halo and graphics that make Halo ODST look like a 1st gen 360 game, you have to wonder. If other developers feel they have to step up their games to be the best, Bungie should too. Halo is not even the best shooter out any more. It still has a strong fan base, but CoD has exceeded it twice (I didn't play WAW). There are many games for both 360 and PS3 that PUSH the systems, it does not seem like the Halo series feels it needs to go above and beyond any more. My Opinion.

I did like the trailer though. If for nothing else but the story. I will keep an eye on this though.

3629d ago
DevastationEve3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Looks like somebody just walked over your grave...

-Doc Holiday, TombStone

Montrealien3629d ago

You guys are aware that the Halo engine has been the same since Halo 1 right?

pixelsword3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Even if it is a optimized engine, if done right, the results can be mind-blowing. Guerrilla Games used an optimized engine for Killzone 2 from the first engine (you could tell from the lights going through Rico's head in their very first introduction of the in-game trailer using the Killzone 2 engine because the first Killzone game had lights that did that, too [which I also own as well]).

Bungie is doing a great job so far and I don't see anything wrong with showing it a little early, especially if they're confident that they can improve on it. That's what Santa Monica studio did with GoW III; heck, they even put out an old demo: now THAT'S confidence!

Sub4Dis3629d ago

not sure where you got your information, but the Halo 2 engine wasn't the same as Halo 1. then they modified the Halo 2 engine to make Halo 3 and ODST, and Reach is a new engine again. you have halo confused with COD, which has been using the same modified Doom 3 engine since COD2.

ilikecookies3629d ago

Hi res pictures of a low res version of the game = bad quality pictures...stupid fanboy.

Now I'm not saying the graphics are great, I did expect better but the author is pathetic...

Aquanox3629d ago

Those are pretty bad screengrabs.

Check this out, it's the best quality of this video out there:

7thNightvolley3628d ago

i am sorry for every thinking ill for a second about this game.. just downloaded the HD vid on my 36o all i can say is WOOOOOOOOW.. who would have thought .. i swear i keep thinking no way.. no way.. no way.. but its yes way.. this is a 360 game.. and it looks uber good.. there is a new king of graphics contender in town .. baby.. mind u this still has a year of polish and more stuff.. so UC2 would be taking the back seat very sooon. or maybe already has ..

SaberEdge3628d ago

You have no idea how much I love Uncharted 2, but I have to agree that this looks even better to me.

catguykyou3628d ago

Awesome, someone took some lowrez screen shots from the trailer. If you really are curious to get accurate look at the trailer,take a look at a hq version of it (not on youtube). Also these screen shots don't even show the better parts of the trailer. Also, for all the fanboys out there who claim this isn't a new engine. Bungie worked with Naughty Dog to build this engine. In return they helped with UC2's netcode and multiplayer set up. They even thank Bungie in the credits.

Sarcasm3628d ago

It definitely looks good and is a improvement over Halo 3. But it's still not the "Killzone 2 graphics" killer all the 360 fanboys are talking about.

Nonetheless I like the newer color palette and grittier looking atmosphere. I particularly like the skull mask guy and the larger set pieces.

Either way I think it's going to surpass Halo 3 in gameplay and graphics, which IMO warrants a purchase.

Looking forward to it.

solidt123624d ago

It looks better than Halo 3 but im not convinced its a new engine.

+ Show (48) more repliesLast reply 3624d ago
ape0073629d ago

they are the best thing about the trailer and at the end the explosions in the background looked amazing

this is a new engine,the way things act in motion tells you its a new game engine

can't waiiiit

btw,all you guys just talk about gfx.TECH only,well art is just as importnat,uncharted 2 would never looked this good if it did not mixed TECH with ART,also kz2

if a game combined HIGH tech and crappy art,it would simply give you a flat game experience,look at perfect dark zero at its time

we all know how amazing the halo art style is,combine it with powerful engine and I assure you that our jaws will be dropped countless times

IaMs123629d ago

The freaking Elite at the end really shows it off, if that indeed is in game WOW, im blown away just by that elite

Chimerhazzard3629d ago

I think the game looks really cool! This trailer just made me want to play Halo :D

Good for you, Xbox360 owners!

hades073629d ago

Im surprised and enjoy when you don't have a PS3 bias haha. I have to agree with you all, even though I own a 360 was never a halo fan, me and my friends all own the system and everyone is surprised that we do but were not halo fans but were all excited about Halo Reach because the inclusion multiple spartans hopefully will mean more variety in the game.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 3629d ago
Berserk13629d ago

IS IT GOOD ???????????????????

Chubear3629d ago

They look like graphics for an RPG at best.

Assassin Creed3629d ago


NecrumSlavery3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

looks like they polished up the Halo 3 engine a little. but still looks like its less than 720i. if this is the x-engine? then God help us all.

3sq3629d ago

Yay, here's Halo ODST 2 (aka. Halo Reach) for ya, bots.

CWMR3629d ago

-You PS3 fanboys are so full of sh*t it's coming out your eyes and clouding your vision. But whatever, I'm done trying to talk sense to people who lack all sense.-

3sq3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

seems like you can't accept the truth? well, cry moar. hahaha

el zorro3629d ago

The only ones crying are a bunch of ps3 fanbabies that flood every Halo Reach article because it makes them nervous. Halo Reach kills Killzone 2 in the graphics department. so get over it.

hatchimatchi3629d ago

this game, visually, doesn't look that good.

I'll admit it, i've never been a fan of halo but i don't hate the games. It's just not my cup of tea. The game is still at least 10 months away or so, so we all know it'll look better at launch but seriously though. That trailer doesn't look special at all.

Off topic,

anyone see the new Medal Of Honor trailer? That game looks nice.

happy_gilmore3629d ago

has the top best-selling album this decade?

yup, sales = quality


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FanboyAttack3629d ago

I dunno, but common sense logic would think that with Bungie leaving the franchise after this, I highly doubt that they are putting in the development time on a brand new engine. That being said I think no, but its gonna be a turbo charged Halo 3 engine. And I could be completely wrong, but I guess we won't know until the Beta.

Sonyslave33629d ago

LOL DROIDS already on damages control saying this is CGI or it look the same as halo 3.

Chubear3629d ago

...there is no hope for you. You're a lost sheep.

Trebius3629d ago

They really are eating this game up even though it looks like the same engine, and it wasnt even gameplay.

Have fun playing another Halo game :P they spend little to no resources making the game, throw 50mil for marketing, and they have their sales.

What Xbots dont realize is that Bungie can put together a halo title in 1 month, and itll sell well no matter what...

Cause 360 owners are desperate for games, theyll buy anything even if its the same sh!tty game in the same sh!ty engine.

The Killer3628d ago

with some improvements!!

not great achievements at all for a 360 main franchise!!!