PlayStation 3 Gathers 5 Awards from Spike VGA

PlayStation LifeStyle writes...

PlayStation has really began to hit its stride in many regards. The welcome price drop earlier in the year certainly has helped win a few more fans. Not to mention a stellar library of games both multi-platform and exclusive that have come to the title this year. At this years Spike Video Game Awards the PS3 exclusives were highly celebrated.

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Saaking5044d ago

next year is going to be insane.

ps3gamerkyle5044d ago

But I thought the PS3 had no games.. =P

I think that argument is now null and void.

WildArmed5044d ago

lol @ Uncharted 2 pulling so much weight.
3 awards. Kudos to you Naughty Dogs

-Alpha5044d ago

With Halo Reach and numerous other titles already proving a much brighter year for the 360 than this year and Sony continuing its roll with God of War and Gran Turismo 5, the winner is going to be harder to decide when it comes to games.

The 360 and PS3 are going to have a smashing 2010, can't wait to see what happens.

zoks3105044d ago

Increased console sales.
Up the anti on 1st party games.
Better relationship with 3d party dev's.
Amazing ad campaigns.

And they remained humble the whole way through.
2009 belongs to Sony.

BrianC62345044d ago

"Up the anti on 1st party games"

But I thought Sony's first party games were stinking it up. At least if you pay attention to all the bozos out there who hate Sony. Uncharted 2 sales a failure in November. Can't even break the top 20 on NPD. Blah, blah, blah.

Baliw5044d ago

that this award was won by a PS3 game...

Best PlayStation 3 Game – Uncharted 2: Among Thieves / Naughty Dog

eagle215043d ago

I couldn't be more happier for Naughty Dog/Sony. Very desrved for an awesome game. And the biggest vga's broadcast (180 countries) was the perfect timing for this win. :)

evrfighter5043d ago

The next step for Sony will be to get ps3 owners to actually buy games :D...

The only games I'll prolly buy within the next year for my ps3 will be Assassins Creed 2, UFC, and Final Fantasy 13.

Of course the only game I'll probably be playing next year will be Bad Company 2 on my pc.

beardpapa5043d ago

What's really dumb is you know they're throwing awards away to certain games/people to appeal to the masses and for ratings. Awards to Rocksteady Studios? To hollywood celebs? Seriously? Hugh Jackman played a better male performance than the other nominees? And Megan Fox did a great job too? What a joke.

Rampant5043d ago

xbox360 did great too. 4 wins. Great year for gamers.

mal_tez925043d ago

Killzone has the best FPS gameplay ever, and inFamous is the best superhero game I've played.

sikbeta5043d ago

Amazing Guys, If this year is Awesome, next year will be even more HUGE for PS3 owners


callahan095043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

Wow, PS3 really covered all the bases, didn't they:

Best mainstream game of the year, best independent game of the year, most anticipated game for next year, and the best graphics of the year.

blackpanther255043d ago (Edited 5043d ago )

lets be kilzone could have done some things better but Uncharted 2 was practically perfect. I was never a fan of mordern warfare and I still don't play mordern warfare 2(more of a killzone player) but MW2 multiplayer is insane(besides the p2p) and the story was actually more intriguing than killzone 2(i believe they dropped the ball...they could have done so much with the killzone universe).

on a different topic: did you guys see microsoft's new commercials lmao.....are they copying sony's "kevin butler" by getting that chick from the 40 year old veersion to be 360's spokeswoman

pixelsword5043d ago

The snub of Killzone 2 was just a reminder of how the media thinks they're always right; and when they're not, they make themselves right by doing an injustice to journalism and gaming in general.

Besides that, when the first Uncharted came out, if I'm not mistaken, they didn't include it because they said it came out too late; but a week or less before they listed their nominees in some cases, Left 4 Dead, Assassin's Creed 2, and Dragon Age: Origins are on there?

Mutinous5043d ago

Link of new 360 commercial? I want to see them.

siliticx5043d ago

Your argument is fail.

Best XBOX 360 Game: Left4Dead 2

its a multiplat. come on!

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Lifewish5044d ago

this is great news.. Uncharted 2 rocked it out

testerg355044d ago

Of course as soon as there's a bad review of a PS3 game or something negative about the PS3 it will be back to the media hates the PS3 right?

INehalemEXI5044d ago

I am not happy now, GG got left out in the cold.

Michael Scott5044d ago

You guys are never happy about anything.