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DELTABOY044055d ago

Modern Warfare clone confirmed!!! lol i'm still gonna get it

syanara4055d ago

Medal of Honor does better after the disgrace MW2 was to many PC gamers. and to get IW out of Apathy

The_Devil_Hunter4055d ago

Hehe for some reason I like it when they clap after the end of each trailer for each game. Its a weird feeling I tell you.

ON TOPIC: Looks a lot like MW2 but lets see what it has in store for the genre.

kaveti66164055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

I don't understand why people are so happy about this game.

1.) This game is essentially designed to be in direct competition with Modern Warfare. This means that EA is not going to stray far from the same kind of gameplay, setting, even mechanics like the auto-aim.

2.) The plot of the game is probably going to be something that rivals MW2. Something about terrorism.

3.) Modern Warfare 2's campaign was an incoherent string of highly action-packed moments. The story was really loose. If EA is going to try and attract MW gamers to MoH, then they will probably pace MoH in the same fashion, cater it to gamers who are more interested in action than in story.

I believe this firmly because despite the fact that a lot of us on this site would say that we are not happy with Modern Warfare 2, a great deal more went out and purchased the game, and MW2 is a sales beast. So, I believe EA is going to say, "Hey, we can try and make MoH different from MW2 to appease the minority of people who voiced their criticisms of it, or we can make this game a lot like MW2 and attract the millions of people who went out and bought it."

What do you think EA is going to do?

Aside from my concerns outlined above, the trailer looks very good. The action looks appropriate, and the visuals are fine.

EDIT: Okay, I kind of forgot the whole reason why IW and Activision are douches. EA will probably have dedicated servers, but I'm keeping an eye out on the campaign length.

Pandamobile4055d ago

I'm happy about it because I know EA won't f*ck over PC gamers like Activision did.

Plus DICE is doing the multiplayer for it, so that's an instant win in my books.

kalebgray924055d ago

as much as i hate activision... this is a wanna be cod mw.... better graphics but thats it .... ea will make this good but after that they will milk modern wars dry... its already being done without them....

evrfighter4055d ago

One may argue that the best of MoH dev's left to form IW. But...

the best of IW left with Grant Collier after CoD4. CoD has peaked and EA has decided to go on the offensive.

DICE seems to have learned from their mistakes and have realized just how influential the pc community is, even if we are the minority in market share. Realizing this, EA/DICE games have nowhere to go but up.

Pandamobile4055d ago

I love how everyone is already tagging this as a COD clone even though we have no idea what this game is like or will be about right now besides that it's a modern era FPS.

RememberThe3574055d ago

I'm with Panda, you guys are judging this game way too hard. You guy claim it is a COD clone, yet if the game was placed in WWII again you'd be crying about that too. The game looks great so far. Stop making assumptions then making judgments off you assumptions.

thereapersson4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

Are you new to this whole thing? Medal of Honor was the ORIGINAL warfare FPS series on consoles, and Call of Duty came after it, to do exactly what Medal of Honor laid out as groundwork. The things that the first Medal of Honor did in an FPS, nobody had ever seen on consoles before. Show some respect, because without Medal of Honor, Call of Duty wouldn't even exist in the first place.

presto7174055d ago

And from the looks of this trailer, the graphics sh!t all over MW2. Here it is in HD

wxer4055d ago (Edited 4055d ago )

wow EA really wants to kill COD
first BF:BC2 and now this

but its the right time to kill COD
they Fu*ked up with MW2

by the way it looks EPIC

nycredude4055d ago

All you people hating on MOH claiming it is a copy of COD get your facts straight COD didn't invent the genre. As a matter of fact it copied it. Infinity Ward was part of the MOH team on EA before they left and formed IW. It's time for MOH to take back the crown.

And please don't anyone talk about the story in COD MW2 cause there wasn't any. It was just a bunch of action setpieces loosly tied together by stupid and useless story telling. COD MW 1 was way better in that respect.

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Kevin Butler of Sony4055d ago

Looks pretty fun.

Which reminds me. Know what my grandma did for fun when she was a kid? She pushed a hoop with a stick..


Sevir044055d ago

it looks amazing like an looks like DICE's frostbite engine is being outsourced all over EA's new games.. nice really

qface644055d ago

i really have to agree the graphics were good especially in the game trailers GOOD quality video
the part where it shows the chopper in first person view shooting the rockets looked good
game looks good

S4NDM4N4055d ago

They missed the last part of the trailer.

Anyways, I'm reserving judgement until gameplay is shown. I really hope it is a tactical, team based infantry shooter

IaMs124055d ago

I know and it was the best part of the trailer too lol

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