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Timesplitter143622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

"Halo has the most complete and fascinating story ever"

I shat my pants with blood when she said that. I like Halo as an action game/party game but for god's sake don't go saying things like that.

Well anyway. I'm looking foward to seeing some Halo Reach gameplay soon.

Also, anyone with a little bit of experience will know the gameplay will not look like that. Devs can easily use high-poly models and hi-res textures for in-engine cutscenes, but for the gameplay it's totally different. We've seen way too many of these "in-game" trailers that end up being nothing like the real thing.

Serjikal_Strike3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

gameplay as expected

edit:IT'S NOT actual gameplay...its running "in game" engine....but that trailer is not actual gameplay!

THE MAX SPEED 213622d ago

Lol The guy from GT is a OFFICIALY A DOUCHE! Dude was talking like we were about to see some Action Packed Gameplay and stuff.

I wont ever trust that dude.

3622d ago
Saaking3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Holy sh!t. I know most of you think I'm a PS3 fanboy, but I have to say that was actually better than I thought.

Anyways, wtf was up with all the hype by Geof Keighly (or whatever his name is). Seriously, I expected SO MUCH more by the way he was hyping it.

zoks3103622d ago

The game looks pretty good, was it game play, anybody knows?

IcyJoker1873622d ago

I was a little dissapointed with this trailer it was kinda boring and I was hoping for a little more action and the graphics were...okay.

Hellsvacancy3622d ago

Wot did that blonde tart say about Halo bein artistic? or summin like that

cl63AMG3622d ago

Idk, I personally liked what I saw. Especially the last part with the elite.

GameGambits3622d ago

Looks nothing better than Halo2/3. I don't expect much more in the way of gameplay mechanics being vamped up, and as far as story goes Halo doesn't have one worth latching on to.

Geoff REALLY over hyped this by leaps and bounds...

dgroundwater3622d ago

I'm actually glad they left the action to your imagination. This game is almost a year away after all. There will be plenty of time for more hype.

mikeslemonade3622d ago

Well they actually made "Halo 3" here. Since the last game wasn't even HD and the graphics were simply garbage. Alright so they have a solid game here set for 2010 but was suppose have come out in 2007.

THE MAX SPEED 213622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Same Here. I like what I saw it's Wayyyy better than Halo 3 and it looked way more realistic. Improved Ingame Graphics is always a Win in my book. I was just dissapointed because the GT guy Over-hyped this Trailer.

2010 FTW


morganfell3622d ago

I love HALO but people have some short memories. Remember the HALO 3 teaser and MC walking out of the dust to look over the dig where the Ark was located? Right.

That was said to be in engine and nothing close to that was in the final game.

Fool me once...

DarkMantrid3622d ago

Well... That was a bit underwhelming tbh. I actually expected something more.

Razmossis3622d ago

Last years Uncharted 2 trailer VS that...

Geoff Keighley shame on you

3622d ago
Solidus187-SCMilk3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Im mainly excited about this because I loved fighting the elites in halo 1. Fighting the brutes in halo 2/3 is stupid. Being friends with the arbiter is lame. So im excited about the new game/engine but im mostly excited about the return of the best part in halo, killing the elites.

Chubear3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Yeah but this certainly looked like it was done with in-game graphics this time but still, it still looked like THIS is what Halo3 should have been almost 3yrs ago and not what the exclusive Flag Ship title of the 360 should be looking like at the END of 2010.

The only thing hot about that trailer for anyone outside the halo fan bubble is the musical score. That's always been halo's strongest point.

3622d ago
Saaking3622d ago

Can't we just stop the hate already. I know I'm not one to be talking about trolling (heck, I'm probably one of the biggest offenders on here). The trailer was great and certainly builds up anticipation just like UC2's trailer last year.

And besides, if you read the book, it's actually pretty damn awesome. I can just imagine those huge battles... and all the other spartans looked awesome.

SaberEdge3622d ago

Holy sh#t are you guys telling me that was in-engine? If so, that was amazing. I thought it was CGI.

I'm sorry but you have got to be certifiably bat-sh#t crazy if you don't think that was majorly impressive.

CrazzyMan3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

it looked nice

And my thoughts were, that they are finally going near to E3 2006 that trailer graphics.
Need to see more, to make conclusions. So far it looks good.
The sky in the end looked GREAT.

Sarcasm3622d ago

The video is too low quality to see anything though. But I'll admit it already looks much better than Halo 3 in terms of color contrast. It's not a bright rainbow world anymore.

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OGharryjoysticks3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

My first reaction to the statement they made with that quote was that the graphics were going to rock. And even though they were from a cutscene I have played much better graphics "in game" this year so I'm very very confused why they even brought it up.

EDIT- Thanks for the disagrees Halo fanboys

SaberEdge3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

You're delusional. What games have you played in the past 2 years that look better than that? Because it sure isn't Gears of War 2, Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5 or even Uncharted 2.

I think some people are very poor judges of graphical fidelity.

Now, whether the graphics during actual gameplay hold up or not is another matter entirely. But the graphics seen in that video are outstanding.

Shadow Flare3622d ago

Nope, I want to see real gameplay before I pass any judgement on this. They've done this before with halo 3's starry night trailer and its launch trailer. It wasn't actual gameplay. Quite far from it. So I want to see how halo reach pans out when I see real gameplay. And that trailer didn't exactly leave me speechless COUGH N'Gai

Timesplitter143622d ago

1- Uncharted 2 looks better, Killzone 2 looks on par with it.

2- This is NOT in-game. It's just an in-engine cutscene with high-poly models. The gameplay won't look like that.

3622d ago
Chubear3622d ago

I really don't think this is the case so much this time.

That was indeed in-game graphics but the thing is, it was straight cut. No battle scenes, no particle effects shown etc and this was scripted cut-scene. What does that tell us? It tells us Halo Reach will not look as good as that during gameplay but it also tells us it'll look better than ODST... which, isn't really saying much tbh.

I believe that was in-game graphics but scripted and when you put it into actual gameplay, the graphics will take a definite hit.

However, anyone saying that this looks better than KZ2 needs to pluck out their eyes cause they serve no tangible function for you anymore. That doesn't even come close to the pre alpha that was shown of KZ2 in E3 2007.

Microsoft Xbox 3603622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

640p confirmed. Jump out bots.

NecrumSlavery3622d ago

Not impressed at all. It looks like they just polished the Halo 3 engine the same way Santa Monica did to the GOW engine for the GOW: Collection. A slight improvement andsome AA. So Thanks Bungie. A stupid trailer, no gameplay, and yet again, some pretty unimpressive graphics.

Traveler3622d ago

I thought it looked great. Just one more game to look forward to in 2010.

Timesplitter143622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Guys, we shouldn't even be talking about graphics because seriously, I don't give a damn. I've recently played 2D indie games that blew me away. Graphics don't matter. Any game with working current-gen graphics is perfectly fine.

The only thing I didn't like is that the trailer doesn't show gameplay or anything particularly interresting.

CrazzyMan3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

above, say again after this video:

You know, GREAT graphics add GREAT atmosphere to the game.
If great graphics wouldn`t matter, we would still be playing on PS2. The better graphics are, the better experience you will get(hint: Uncharted 2).

EDIT: You must be blind, sorry. But these graphics in many places rivals CGI.
Both Ico and SotC had great art style, but TLG looks better, not because of the design alone, but thanks to amazing graphics. Otherwise, it would look same.

Timesplitter143622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

The Last Guardian (which will probably be my favorite game ever) does NOT have great graphics. What makes it great is the style, the art and the design. All these things are separate from technical graphics. My point stands.

3622d ago
Hanif-8763622d ago

I was expecting worst from this game but i have to say that if thats in-game graphics then i'll finally have something to play on my Xbox360 because the game actually looks good. Also, its just the quality of the video that makes it look looks way better than Gear Of War.

Here's a better quality video!

WildArmed3622d ago

although it's not the killzone 2 scale graphisc what people were boasting, it is extremely good.
Can't wait to see more of this crazy game!
Come on '10 already!

FragMnTagM3622d ago

Here is an even better quality video of it and boy does it look sick:

Here's to hoping that is real-time. If they pull that off, I still have a feeling every PS3 fanboy will say the graphics are garbage.

I am very surprised that I actually agreed with Saaking for once... It was like I was reading a completely different persons post. Thanks for being an adult and commenting appropriately instead of taking cheap shots like all the other crazy fanboys on this site.

Shepherd 2143622d ago

what i would like to know is, what do any of you know about what makes a beautiful or artistic story?

Space_cancer3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Bring the HD-quality right now!!!

CWMR3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

-This thread has proven one thing: there are a lot of blind gamers on the PS3 side. Then again they aren't seeing with their eyes, but through their fanboy goggles. This video was stunning and everybody that isn't an extreme fanboy of one console knows it. I knew PS3 fanboys would act this way, but that doesn't stop me from being disappointed with their behavior every time. Why is it we don't see hoards of 360 gamers in the Uncharted 2 GOTY thread trashing the game and saying it didn't deserve it? Sure, there might be a few, I didn't pay close attention, but certainly not like the hoards of PS3 fanboys that flood every big 360 article.-

-Edit: skv007, why are you guys so desperate to claim Killzone 2 as having better graphics when it clearly doesn't. If the gameplay graphics look anywhere close to the graphics in this video Halo Reach will look better than Killzone 2. Killzone 2 is a nice looking game and currently one of the best, but it has its own areas of weakness. The textures for one thing are average in most places and downright poor in some. The lighting engine in general is good, but shadow maps are pretty low res and you see a lot of jaggies in the shadows. All in all Killzone 2 is a nice looking game, but is still somewhat overrated by some people.

-Edit 2: Nah torkith, it looks noticeably better than Killzone 2.

@Jokes on You, I agree completely. I gave credit where credit was due with Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2, but these guys can't deny that what was shown of Halo Reach is looking even better.

Torkith3622d ago

I was expecting it to be a bit closer than that to Killzone 2, don't get me wrong it looks great. I guess I was hoping for too much, definitely noticed the better lighting and textures, a nice upgrade for sure.

JokesOnYou3622d ago

Holy Shiiii! Damm, Im so excited right now, woow!

OK lets be real, I laugh at you sony kids all the time, its fun. But check my comments, I always disagreed that Halo3 had bad graphics, I still do for the time it came out but I always said it wasnt the best. I also said KZ2 was the best looking game out long before it launched and I always said UC2 looked awesome and gave credit where its due. Now I dont care what you guys say this game graphics a re damm hot, there is no way you can hate on what I just saw, dammm looks better than UC2 but really you cant compare since they look so different, whatever, as a Halo fan, if they nail the gameplay like they always do I cant ask for anything more.


evrfighter3622d ago

"I was expecting it to be a bit closer than that to Killzone 2"

I didn't see any terrible textures here though.

ABizzel13622d ago

Not seeing gameplay sucks, but this looks good, not as ground breaking as I was expecting, but it looks very good. Now let's see some gameplay at E3.

ape0073622d ago

and guys keep in mind that ART is as important as TECH

the halo art style is awesome,the tech is great

So REACH will drop our jaws with its beautiful gfx and locations

NoBias3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

The shot of the dude just sitting there loading the sniper rifle looked so sick, imo. That was a badass shot.

pixelsword3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Halo 3 and hopefully Killzone 3 in 2010... Oh, I'm startin' ta' get da mudbutt!

u got owned3622d ago

Wow, i got to say my faith in Bungie has been restored, if the ingame graphics look like this then this is gonna be one great looking game.

JANF3622d ago

Awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have no words to express how good that was!!!

Megan Fox3622d ago

This is the real Halo 3, this game looks too good. Bungie and Halo FTMFW!!!!

el zorro3622d ago

I really liked the video. I mean it was a heck of a lot better than the world premier videos for most games. Graphics look insane. Coupled with the art and epic scale of the usual Halo environments I can't wait for this game.

vhero3621d ago

videos small so it would increase the textures making it look better but lets be honest they said they were improving the engine here? Is it me or does things look pretty much the same?? I guess gameplay may be differnt but the graphics are still gonna be sub par (although reviewers will still give it 9/10 for graphics because there idiots). That trailer shows nothing and is completely pointless. The point of a trailer is it's supposed to get you excited and show you what a game can do. This fails on both accounts.

jjohan353621d ago

I thought the commercial for ODST was waaaay better than this piece of boring crap. I love the Halo games (except ODST) but this trailer has got to be the biggest marketing flop from Bungie.

Sub4Dis3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

if you watch this video the way it was meant to be seen, i think it leaves little doubt.

if this is actually in game, i have seen very few trailers that can top this. you have to d/l the video, but it's def worth it.

EDIT: p.s. as far as i am concerned, this trailer and a few others were the only reason to watch the VGAs, what a joke of an award show that was. it's unlikely i'll ever watch the VGAs again. nothing but a buncha mainstream fluff. that wasn't what gaming is supposed to be about. and the awards were obviously rigged right from the moment jack black took the stage (and unfortunately, trailers aside, he was the only entertaining part). i was stevie wonder doin there? snoop dogg??? ugg

darkmurder3621d ago

To all the haters watch it in HD and then say its bad, looks really good!

MrJack3621d ago

Mediocre textures, mediocre lighting, character skin looks like plastic, mediocre effects.

In what way at all does this look better than KZ2, or has everyone forgotten how good KZ2 looked.

Watch this in HD, I was not impressed, only thing that looks good is the lighting on the characters, and even then KZ2(which by the time this is released will be at least 1 1/2 years old)tops it.

jjohan353621d ago

I'm not hating. Stop being so defensive. I just watched the HD version. It doesn't change the fact that he's just walking around and doing nothing else. That's boring, regardless of resolution. Did you see the ODST commercial? It was a live action short film almost.

Christopher3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

I'm very skeptic about that being all in-game engine that will be used with the gameplay of the final release of the game. Some of that looked too nice compared to what other people have been able to do with the console to be what we'll see when actively playing the game rather than just cut scenes.

I do hope I'm proven wrong.

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theEnemy3622d ago

looks pretty weak.

Compared to Batman:AS2, and MW2.

jerethdagryphon3622d ago

ok. since we seem to have a misunderstanding here

cgi: this is outsourced prerendered material usually used for cutscnes and movies, poly counts are well off the charts and beyond sensible hope of in games,also texture and time constraints ae less of an issue so they can use high res textures and maps and limit normal mapping examples, rise of legends intro movie, wow intros.

in engine: this uses the rendering engine of the game along with the physics to actually render the product, its still prerendered nad stored as a film file,model counts and lighting and textures are not ingame assets and are usually the original high poly models used for making normal maps,
so quality and such is much higher then in game

examples:killzone 2 intro uncharted uc2

gameplay: this uses only the models and textures the game or renders it in realtime via scripted events

examples, assasins creed 2 cutscenes ghostbusters
this give a notacible difference in quality

remember in engine is not ingame

THE MAX SPEED 213622d ago

well I was expecting GAMEPLAYY!

Atleast I know it's ingame and looks better than Halo3.

InFAMOUS13622d ago

Did you even play halo3? This looks exactly the same...

Saaking3622d ago

2010 is gonna be THE year for gamers. So many epic games... my mind is seriously blown away right now. The immensity of 2010 just hit me.

Godmars2903622d ago

I think everyone was expecting gameplay. Especially considering that Reach is suppose to be a game changer.

At least according to GT.

Chubear3622d ago


So it's very telling that they chose this to show cause that tells me, Halo Reach is going to be essentially the same type of gaming experience as other halos.

Don't look for some great leap in improvement of gameplay mechanics, lighting, particle effects, story presentation etc etc. It's going to be Halo and halo fans will love it.

NecrumSlavery3622d ago


Totally agree. It looks like the Halo 3 engine but polished. I really expected more. And no gameplay? This is by far the worst teaser of any Halo game.

iNFAMOUZ13622d ago

dude change your name, you dont do it any favors...are you like on drugs...??? not just you but speaking 95% sony fanboys (which really is the number on n4ps3fanboys) ? dude that was amazing on so many levels, way better than uncharted 2 and killzone 2 have got to be the biggest sony fanboy not to see that...


god of war is amazing as well, but this...this is what halo should have been all along, this is everything killzone 2 tried to be

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InFAMOUS13622d ago ShowReplies(6)
IaMs123622d ago

I was hoping to see much much more, but hey least we know it looks good, and we have a lot more too look forward too. Cant wait to see more now.