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Valay3626d ago

I'll admit I'm pleased that Uncharted 2 won Game of the Year.

Chuck-Norris3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

well desrved!

Skip_Bayless3626d ago

Well VGA atleast they aren't a bunch of moneyhats but they did manage to rig it somehow because Uncharted 2 should have won every nomination and somehow it didn't beat Assasins Creed 2 in Action/Adventure. You know full well Nathan Drake traveled more places and there's more action in Uncharted 2.

Saaking3626d ago

UC2 FTW. Now watch it sweep the rest of the GOTY awards including the AIAS'

GameGambits3626d ago

The awards show as a whole was as horrible as they ever were. Why in God's name would you have Stevie Wonder show up? When he said that line about making videogames available to handicap people(if he was referring to blind folks)...I'm sorry but it's just not possible at this point and time. Unless we can bring your vision back through some sort of technology... you are screwed to fully enjoy the gaming experience. That's a fact and I do feel sorry he won't be able to enjoy the GOTY 2009 lol.

Where the eff was the big awesome game trailers? Not one trailer shown had me excited. I was really hoping for Resistance 3 or Dead Space 2 trailers... and we got a goose egg. The biggest hyped one was Halo Reach and that still looks more of the same crap. 20 bucks says Reach was planned as an expansion just like ODST, but they managed to save face and call it a full game this time around.

Sucks to be Microsoft right now if Reach is their biggest cash cow in 2010. I hope at GDC and E3 they can announce some actual exclusives and not this "also on PC" exclusive crap they keep pulling or exclusive for a few months till PS3 gets it too with more content.

Sony is set to murder the competition in 2010 and heck even Nintendo is bringing out some of their bigger guns with Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid the other M, and hopefully Zelda. Microsoft needs more exclusives...end of story.

raztad3626d ago

No to give UC2 the GOTY award would just criminal. Game is very far ahead of competition.


NecrumSlavery3626d ago

Well congratulations to the might mighty Naughty Dogs for the GOTY award. Uncharted 2 has single-handedly raised the bar so high, that 2010 may be feel with short comings until U3 in

No I think there will be some good games coming.

Mista T3626d ago

I wonder if uncharted 2 sales will go up after this?

Christopher3626d ago

I'm going to be petty here and wonder how the heck AC2 beat out U2 for adventure game of the year after already winning game of the year?

Anyway, I'm very happy to see Naughty Dog earn the accolades it honestly deserves. Please take this as a sign of how happy we gamers are to be able to play your games and that we hope you always work to put out games of the highest caliber.

Sarcasm3626d ago

I'm shocked at how Jack Black won over Nolan North for best voice acting. That was a complete spike TV BS rigging.

Tony P3626d ago

Mark Hamil has always impressed me as the Joker. It is a *great* performance. Jack Black winning was expected but kind of sad since he didn't really "perform" for his role of 'a guy like himself with his voice'.

Also irks me a bit that GTA Chinatown Wars beat out Scribblenauts. But hey, it's a fine game too.

BYE3626d ago

2009 is the first year I actually agree 100% with Spike and their choices of winners.

Commander TK3626d ago

Killzone 2 should've won!

STICKzophrenic3626d ago

It seems like Spike wanted to spread the awards around so one game didn't dominate.

I agree on Uncharted as GOTY, but Nolan North should have won best Male Voice.

Jack Black's opening was horribly lame and once I saw that I knew the awards would spread around.

sikbeta3626d ago

Uncharted 2 deserve all the praise possible, Absolutely Amazing Game

shawnsl653626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

they chose SF4 over blazeblue. What were they smoking?

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jivah3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

wow im glad uncharted won happy 4 sony... n naughty dog..i was sooooo caught off guard thought it wudve been cod mw

sorry 2 b cliche but i wanna do it before nebody else does....

"it only does game of the year" lol

Half-Mafia3626d ago

"It Only Does Game of the Year"

lol i like that.

s8anicslayer3626d ago

Why do you have my avatar? take it off!!!!

jivah3626d ago

umm i had dis on 4 a while now....go change urs if ur soo sad

sak5003626d ago

Sony must have paid them heavily.

TheColbertinator3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

With what money? Sony just lost 4 billion on PS3 development.

Sunny_D3626d ago

Then why didn't they win the other awards? Steven, Sony doesn't have only 4 billion dollars.

topdawg1223626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

lol you think they care about this lame @ss awards show for the awards?

karan86243626d ago

Like MS payed 50 million for DLC? Because they suck so they have to bribe a good studio to make stuff?

No, Sony got their own studio to make an amazing game, they didnt need to bribe anyone

The real killer3626d ago

"With what money? Sony just lost 4 billion on PS3 development"

Not only PS3 development many more things what you don't know ;) and it's 5 Billion loss from development and not 4 Billion;)

Second, Sony has more than 75 Billion :)

3626d ago
ZBlacktt3626d ago

You can just pick out the user names that are mad.... lol. Hate more, hate more.

xcox3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

how's your ass feeling xb!tches?


call 1 800 COLLECTEARS


jason360 and the xbutt-hurt-brigade: "what is uncharted2?"
the rest of the world: "it's GOTY 2009 morons!"


most anticipated game for 2010: GOW3
ouch again!

eagle213626d ago

I wish you could get paid to STFU!! :)

GrandDragon3626d ago

"When will thou realise that the only superiority worth naturally ascertaining is that which cometh on the PS3?"

(A quote by an enigmatic great Sony philosopher of legendary status)


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