Stevie Wonder pleads for "disabled accessiblity" in games

The Lost Gamer writes"Tonight at Spike TV's Video Game Awards '09, Stevie Wonder was present to award The Beatles: Rock Band with Best Music Game for the year and well deserved to!"

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Norad63629d ago

but video games are pretty tough if you can't see. There really isn't any way to accommodate the blind in games. You have to see what you're doing. sry... it just the hurtful truth.

Hellsvacancy3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I always wondered if Sony would build me a 1 handed controller, thats obvioulsy if my hand (4 gods sake PLEASE dont ever happen) got lopped off

Do u think they would? there MUST b other people around the world in the same boat that wanna play games but cant

Government Cheese3629d ago

Sony probably wouldn't, but I'm sure you could find someone that would make a controller like that for ya, if you ever needed one.

Microsoft Xbox 3603629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Playstation 9 will use your mind:


Proxy3629d ago

There are fantasy games, sort of like the chose your own ending books, which are based entirely on text and could be enjoyed by a blind person. They even have entire programming [like] languages for writing them.

More of a matter of authoring a game than developing a game in this genre.

darx3629d ago

A blind person can NOT play a VIDEO game!

presto7173629d ago

How about cures. I really hope that one day, no one will have to suffer blindness, paralysis or other disabilities. I just hope modern medicine and technology will evolve fast enough for me to see it happen.

LtSkittles3629d ago

"1.5 - Wha wha what?
A blind person can NOT play a VIDEO game!"

colonel1793629d ago

I was going to put that video.. Bubbles

gintoki7773629d ago

he meant not just blind people but disabled people in general

we are lucky we are not blind and can experience playing video games

IaMs123629d ago

Well im guessing for the people with lose of limb, Natal might be their answer, or something similar.

rockleex3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Yes there is.

Scientists have been able to install chips into blind patients' eyes that allow them to see. But they need to wear glasses with built-in cameras.

If they modify that a little bit, it could allow video games to send visual signals directly into the chip inside the brain.

Not only that, there are technology that allows a computer to recognize simple human thoughts like; up, down, forward, etc.

Now just imagine if they create a horror game that is able to instill fear directly into your brain!!!


rockleex3629d ago

You need limbs in order to play Natal... you just don't need a controller.

But it depends on which limbs the game you're playing requires use of.

Deafman4203629d ago

Bubbles for you Lt. Skittles.

Pillage053628d ago

I remember seeing a video of a blind gamer whom would play some shooter game and used the sound of other enemies shooting to figure out where they where. I don't remember what game it was, but it was on an older system, N64 possibly.

jerethdagryphon3628d ago

actually thats not entirly true

there is a method to create auditory images
based on tones but its quite out there in terms of working on a realistic scale
especially in a interactive enviroment

Noctis Aftermath3628d ago

Just buy an arcade controller if the standard controller is to complex for you, big red buttons to mash.

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Cheeseknight283629d ago

I'm on his side, though my disability is physical. Only thing I can't play are a few Wii games though, which doesn't bother me that much.

CrippleH3629d ago

I somewhat agree but it'll be hard to make a game like that. Maybe a music game that involves sounds.

ssipmraw3629d ago

dont poke fun at the disabled you heartless prick

MaN_uTd3629d ago

They can do a game or 2 but they can't have an option or it, like lefty

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