Crackdown 2 Trailer from the 2009 VGAs

Here is the trailer for the upcoming Crackdown 2 from the 2009 Spike Video Game Awards.

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Saaking3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I'm gonna give the first one another chance. The trailer for this one looked pretty damn cool.

GameGambits3629d ago

I'm by no means a graphics whore...but PS2 graphics say hello. This seriously looks as good as GTA San Andreas did... I mean isn't it 2-3 years since the first Crackdown and the game looks 0% better.

Either the 360 is REALLY showing it's age and hardware prowess for an open world game OR these developers are hella lazy.(I'm thinking option 2)

rroded3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

but given the fun factor i had playing it idc about the graphics as long as its fun ta play.

edit ya fun pawns looks anyday but an uncharted 2 pawns all

Ssxtreme363629d ago

#1 graphics do not equal a good/fun game

#2 the first game looked almost exactly like this so if you have played the first, you should be very familiar to the look of the game. while sure they could have updated the really isn't all that necessary in order to develop a game that is fun

hulk_bash19873629d ago

Looks like coop could be a hell of a good time.

Hisiru3629d ago

Crackdown isn't about graphics, it's about fun.

Can't wait for this game, the co-op on this game will be amazing.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3629d ago

3 years and they haven't improved the graphics?! And I thought Bungie was lazy with ODST...

NecrumSlavery3629d ago

Too Quote Bill Lumbard "Yeahh, uuhhhh!! I'm going to have too say NOOO and ummm tell you that we need to just wait for inFAMOUS 2. This isn't really what what I call nextgen at all. I guess they didn't realize they should of updated the visuals or gameplay. Did theyyy uhhh get the memo?!!!????"


Over hyped....story kinda none existent.. .but will get the next one for the co op...hopefully they fix some game play mechanics also

Skip_Bayless3628d ago

Stop with the graphics don't matter excuse. Two best games this year is Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2 and it's no coincidence that these two games look the best.

ABizzel13628d ago

The developers been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead and Prototype.

Halo3 MLG Pro3628d ago

Sure are a lot of sony fanboys trolling around 360 articles. Looks like they're more interested than I am and I own a 360. :p

callahan093628d ago

I absolutely LOVE the song they used for this trailer! What a perfect choice! So funny.

SixZeroFour3628d ago

crackdown was never about having great graphics, it was supposed to have a comic book superhero type feel, which it pulled off and was an overall fun game to play (only played the demo, but had a blast playing it)

edhe3628d ago

Crackdown wasn't hyped, it wasn't about graphic fidelity and it wasn't meant to have a story.

It was successful because it was fun, polished and coop was a blast.

This looks like more fun, more coop, more polished and more of a blast - BUY.

solidjun53628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

says the hypocrite.

Anyway, on topic. Trailer was good. Should be good when it's released next year.

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Blaze9293629d ago

I dunno about this one. Loved crackdown 1. This looks like a mix of Prototype and Left 4 Dead. That's what happens when you change developers of a good game :/

blackpanther253629d ago

I am a huge fan of Crackdown 1 and i am not feeling this whole zombie/infected people thing. I would have rather had a larger map with more gangs and a few extra stuff added

edhe3628d ago

Really? you that ignorant? The developers may have a different name but they're the same people, they all moved.

The zombies are an extrapolation of the original storyline and the added dynamics from prototype/infamous kind of have to be in there as the genre's moved on to include that.

As mentioned by a poster above, i'm kinda not surprised to see that there are more negative posters in here than positive considering it's a 360 exclusive.

What got me on inside xbox the other day though was '4p coop' sure we know that '16p pvp' right yeah we know that - not sold.

'8p PvE' buh? sorry what? Oh yeah baby, horde mode with 8 agents in an open world? F+ckyeah.

Sonyslave33629d ago

Hell yeah can't wait to preorder this bad boy.

003629d ago

going to be my 2nd GOTY, loved the first and I'am going to need this one.

Polluted3629d ago

Yeah, I liked the first one a lot too. Looks like a good step forward with this sequel. I love the bit where they have that van strung up between two buildings Spiderman style.

xhi43628d ago

i luv me some crackdown! like the only actual good game on the 360 hehe

JasonPC360PS3Wii3629d ago

Can't wait for keys of the city firework highway of death with friends

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