2009 VGA Spec Ops The Line Debut Trailer

This is the debut trailer for the upcoming Spec Ops: The Line, from the 2009 Video Game Awards.


The original video has been removed, now you can see the video here:

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Saaking3630d ago

It looks alright. You can't tell much from the trailer except that it's a third person tactical shooter.

Chuck-Norris3630d ago

am i the only one TIRED of war games?

Kalowest3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

True, but you could see some of the actual game, has some of GeoWs gameplay.

3630d ago
THE MAX SPEED 213630d ago

atleast this was in game everything else was stupid CGI.

cyberwaffles3630d ago

wow, this looks pretty slick. i'm interested.

GameGambits3630d ago

Gears of War 3 Modern Warfare? Lol. Just kidding. :P

Nothing to really get excited for yet here, but at least it didn't look as craptastic as Deadliest Warrior the game. Heck even the new Medal of Honor game looked like a destined turd in Fall 2010.

Good job Geoff on REALLY over hyping what these trailers were going to show off this year.

No resistance 3 and no Dead Space 2 = 100% fail.

jalen2473630d ago

I agree. Looks good to me! But how well will it play...hmmm...

Serjikal_Strike3630d ago the trailer!
didn't see this one coming!

Sarcasm3630d ago

I thought it looked pretty good. It does some things right like big set pieces, character animations and colro palette. Keeping this one on the radar.

deadpoole3630d ago

Definately gonna get it ... all this footage was ingame ... definitely goin to get it.

Im damn sure story of this game is gonna be amazin with lots of twists ... this game is bein developed by worthy developers ... definately this game is gonna be awesome.

Microsoft Xbox 3603630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

The only war game I'm buying next year is BC2. For the love of God, I love the beta.

BTW... The video is down.

Hisiru3630d ago

Looks very good!

@Microsoft Xbox 360
here you have it:

STK0263630d ago

it looks okay. I wonder why anyone thought about rebooting the spec ops franchise in the first place, I guess it's because they hope we forgot about how bad the games were and thought the name was cool.

Also, why were the VGAs filled by franchise reboots? MoH, Spec ops, True crime and PoP are all getting reboots, which is particularly strange for the latter, since it was rebooted last year...

Rev Jesse Custer3630d ago

how many Modern Warfare inspired games do we really need?

likedamaster3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I agree, it's the first thing I said when I first saw the trailer. It looks highly realistic, in 3rd person, goes to over-shoulder when you aim, etc. Looks really good, I'm looking forward to it.

PS fans desperately looking for some technical achievement they now can't sense true immersion & gameplay innovation(not technically, please stop).

PS. @ Saaking, damn you've come a long way. +bubbles

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tdogchristy903630d ago

interesting that it's in dubai but sadly it doesn't look like the quality is that of mw2 or even medal of honor.

the medal of honor trailer looked good for the first trailer, thus It has me interested. Just hope they can stick with the bar that mw2 has seem to have raised in terms of modern warfare games.

Caffo013630d ago

rofl doesn' t look the quality of mw2?bar raised?...the bar hasn't been raised since MW...MW2 is just an overpriced DLC..

deadpoole3630d ago

Modern Warfare 2 an epic failure when it comes to online experience and graphics with latest streamin tech sub-hd resolution 600p (less then 720p) an epic failure.

MAG which supports 256players online is having 720p rez.

Seriously I dont see any streamin tech which IW was blabberin about ... all I can see is low rez graphics carried over from MW1 or COD3 or COD2.

Seriously as said above by brother ... an overpriced, overhyped DLC!!!.

Lavalamp3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Looks very promising. I'd like to hear more about how much the sand will affect the gameplay. Is it an actual mechanic?

Edit: The video title says "Xbox 360." Is this a console exclusive?

villevalorox3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

yep, looks amazing :)

kewlkat0073630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

I think I'm gonna chill in 2010 with War games. Hopefully some good Action/RPGs will keep me company.

EA wants a piece of someones pie. This game does look good though

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