Flower wins Best Independent Game Award at VGAs

Flower has won the Best Independent Game Award at Video Game Awards in 2009. Other nominees include 'Spolsion Man, Osmos and Trials HD.

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MajestieBeast3622d ago

Well deserved unlike hugh jackman winning 2 awards for his lackluster acting...

Saaking3622d ago

Hugh Jackman's awards are disappointing.

Anyways, FLOWER FTW! Well deserved indeed.

Megaton3622d ago

Very well deserved. I was pretty amazed that this won.

Saaking3622d ago

Yep, I expected Trials HD but was very pleasantly surprised by Flower's victory.

Megaton3622d ago

I thought it would be Trials HD too, which I did have a lot of fun with, but Flower was my favorite.

Daver3622d ago

They deserve it. It was a fantastic and original game

raztad3622d ago

Flower is the definition of creativity and originality.

deadreckoning6663622d ago

I saw that Jackman won, but what exactly did he win for?

young juice3622d ago

he won for his performance in the new wolverine game

Redempteur3622d ago

and what about megan fox ?? that was a disgrace ...

Anyway ...flower deserved thattitles ..and that's about the only thing done rihgt so far in the show

( i try to forget tison jokes ...or the tirade against tiger wood ... or even the STUPID joke on fps .. )

Shotgun_Roamer3622d ago

Performance? this implies he put effort into it.

SaiyanFury3622d ago

I must say that I love Flower. I'm a hardcore RPGamer, but I loved it's integration with the SIXAXIS motion controls. Simple, effective, and ultimately accessible. I also love the zen effect about calmly flying about in the wind opening flowers, and progressing. Truly a great and playable game for anyone. If you have a PS3 and have not yet experienced it, spend the 10 dollars and experience the zen. It's amazing how calm and relaxed you can feel playing such an original game.

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jack_burt0n3622d ago

awesome for TGC, game was superbly different.

tdrules3622d ago

I am so happy Flower won this, I feared it might have gone to Osmos (steam game that is a clone of fl0w) or Trials HD (former free game, now in "HD" with fluerescent bloom)

thereapersson3622d ago

Flower was definitely one step closer into the realm of "videogames as art". It was probably the most relaxing and wonderful gaming experience I've played in a long time

Shani3622d ago

just when i heard nominations.. I was sure that Flower will win the award.. and They won.. Awesome..

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The story is too old to be commented.