Feature: Overlooked: 7 Ways the Xbox 360 Beats the PS3

Yeah, Gears of War and Halo 3 are great, but what else makes the Xbox 360 better than the PS3? A lot, as GamePro editor Mr. Marbles recently discovered.

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Diselage4743d ago

I'm sorry I hate VS. post a lot but I felt compelled to post this one, and not it has nothing to do with the fact I'm large amounts. I SWEAR!

Systematrix4743d ago

Whiskey and Coke for me whilst I approve, report, and post. I love these kinds of articles, it gets the fanboys' blood boiling.

Diselage4743d ago

Oh you water it down, you pansy. Real men don't have livers and neither should you.

I've never had a problem with tequila, my friends usually are not as lucky though. One challenged a whole bottle by himself, he lost. He woke up in the morning with a scratch/cut the length of his back, funny thing was everyone knew he was gone so there was like 4-5 of us making sure he kept out of trouble and no one knew where his "cougar attack" came from, at least thats what he called it since no one knew how he could've gotten it.

SWORDF1SH4742d ago

to systematrix. yep this will get fanboys crying lol. but this a biased report. some of the 7 features that are listed are not really that good and future firmware updates can see the ps3 easily do them, if thats all they can think of then thats bad. the ps3 as features to that the 360 dont. like the psp can connect stream stuff from your ps3 (now that is a next gen feature if you like it or not), to play online is free (admitidly its not good as xbox live but still is very good.) home (il have to wait and see about this), acheivement system (is getting trophys and showing them off in your own personal trophy cabinet better than collecting gamerpoint, i think so). i kno its calm on the ps3 front but expect good things to come. i own a ps3 and a xbox. why people have got to slag each console i dont kno why. both have there strenghs and weakness's. i jus get the feelin the 360 as peaked and the ps3 is only gettin started. all i want is good stuff from both console and enjoy the competition. the more competition, the harder ms and sony will try to get better stuff for it. good time

Diselage4742d ago

Well this started up a war, just remember this is suppose to be OVERLOOKED features so most of them probably have a good reason for being overlooked.

MADGameR4742d ago

This vs stuff is pure flame bait. Truth is BOTH 360 and PS3 have their strong points and weak points. Besides it in the end it does'nt matter which one is stronger, what matters is WHO comes out #1 in the end of the war. Look at PS2! The slowest loading and worst graphics of the 3 consoles and beat GameCube by 4 times the sales and the X Box by over 6 times its sales. Once the PS3's price drops, there's noway in hell they could lose and even after the 5 years, I bet they'd sell the most. MS brags about over 10 million sold BUT they still have'nt passed their previous console's sales 30 Million!

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Bloodmask4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

I think that the number one reason the 360 is better is that it delivers on its promises. I never heard the outrageous lies of 120 frames per second, 4D, SGI movie like graphics. Next gen starts when PS3 says it does......and imagine that, it is a games machine and guessed PS3 is a good cheap Bluray player would have been nice though.

beast4743d ago

Yeah and microsoft doesnt lie..cough cough 2% breakdown rate..

Kaneda4743d ago

Well you paid almost the same price for your good cheap low tech DVD game player. Well, not the same price, maybe more...$100 more for your wireless compability for your low TECH DVD GAME PLAYER...

NextGen24Gamer4743d ago

I don't know if you knew this but dvd outsells blu ray 100,000 to 1.

So it was a very smart move to choose the cheaper but more widely adopted DVD format for a video game console than the over priced un poplular blu ray format. And when you add to the fact that even the superior cutting edge computers use DVD...and blow away ps3 was the right move for MS. Sony took a big risk and so far its not paying off. People are buying less than 100k ps3's a month in the US and it just launched folks...WOW...and in japn its dwindled to less than 10k a week. This is SONY folks...the almighty SONY. What happened? I'll tell you what happened. Sony's first priority was to next gen movies and made an attempt to disguise their cheap blu ray player as a next gen video game console. It is what it is. More people would have bought the ps3 if they had chosen DVD instead of blu ray. Think about it...then all that time they spent on pushing their format would have been spent on making a better "video game" console. WOW

4743d ago
AngryTypingGuy4743d ago

In a way, forcing BluRay on its customers was smart for Sony. I am by no means a Sony fan, however I recognize that making the ps3 a BluRay player has helped get the players into the market. It has made ps3 sales take a huge hit due to driving up the price and has alienated Sony fans who just want the ps3 for games, however it has helped make BluRay the #1 next gen DVD brand in North America so far.

That may change though, when Toshiba starts including HD-DVD players in its laptops. However, that remains to be seen.

nice_cuppa4743d ago

either there are more ps3 fans on this site or they are just more dedicated than the 360 guys.

i await the usual ps3 fanboy essay.

note. there you go \/\/\/

duckman24704742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

Ya ok.. thanks for the good laugh. The fact and truth is the only thing the 360 will do for the family environment is make the kid cry and become depressed while holding his controller and crying because his Viva Pinata game locked up with dots all over the TV screen with 3-red lights flashing on the console.
Mom and Dad are screaming on the phone with MS tech support because $140 for repairs is taking food off there families plate and little johnny's $400 X-Mas present is now a Big Flashing Red Brick.
As the 360 commercials say ..."JUMP-IN!" lol Your in for one heck of a ride.

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Rhezin4743d ago

Hell yes the 360 delivers, but the PS3 is like a timebomb waiting to explode with awesome games. It worries me a bit, cuz I never in my life want to be a sony supporter again.

AngryTypingGuy4743d ago

There's no need to worry my friend! If you go to ign or GameSpot and look at the upcoming games lineup, the 360 wins, hands down.

toughNAME4743d ago

lol common man ur asking for a flame war :P:P
just a littttttle biased

i cant wait to hear the excuses from the sony boys

drtysouf214743d ago

"console war" is starting to get petty. I think alot of websites know that these console comparisons generate many website hits and people are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. People want the "war" to end and for their console of choice to be the victor but fact is this so called "war" will never end because Sony and Microsoft are competitive and will continually try to be king of the hill. I for one am happy its this way because the more they try to improve the better games, services and functions i get.