VGA Studio of the Year Winner: Rocksteady Studios

The winner for the VGA's Studio of the Year is Rocksteady Studios! They sure deserve the award as they certainly put out one of the biggest surprises this year with Batman Arkham Asylum

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Saaking3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )


Wow, I expected overhyped IW to win, even though ND deserved it yet....ROCKSTEADY wins!? Wow.

The_Savior3628d ago

WTF? Naughty Dog deserved that award!

Cwalat3628d ago

They did a great job with AA, so yeah... They deserved it.

Chuck-Norris3628d ago

Batman AA is an awesome game but naughty dog deserved it more IMO

N4PS3G3628d ago


They came out of f*kin nowhere! and Created the best Super Hero Video game!

Saaking3628d ago

Batman AA was awesome, but come on, you know that ND deserved it. Look at just how much they achieved in less than 2 years. They created the highest rated game of the year, and arguably the best PS3 exclusive to date. THEY deserved it a lot more.

II Necroplasm II3628d ago

They made a good Batman game. They deserve all the credit in the world.

Myze3628d ago

Batman was amazing, don't get me wrong, but UC2 was the only game in the nominations that actually did something new. All the other games used an engine already available. UC2 created an engine that will, in parts, be used in many games in the future. Also, it was the best game of the year, and best looking. I don't agree with the award. That being said, Rocksteady was definitely 2nd best as it was, for me, the biggest surpise hit of the year (probably a tie with Demon's Souls).

windmill1453628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Free DLC FTW, I think both ND and Rocksteady deserved the award, it could have gone ether way.
I'm not surprise IW didn't win after the whole PC dedicated server stunt.

S4NDM4N3628d ago

They deserved it.

Big time. Why IW was on that list, I don't know.

A developer that you have never heard of.

Comes out and beats all the odds.

likedamaster3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Well deserved, Batman AA was one of the best games this gen. Rocksteady caught everyone by surprise.

S4NDM4N3628d ago

Not only that, but Eidos, their publisher, hasn't made a good game for a long time, so I'm pretty sure Rocksteady had to work their asses off.

Where as ND is an experienced dev with a budget from Sony

NecrumSlavery3628d ago

Well yeah ND deserved it, but Rocksteady's Arkham Asylum is the best new ip this year, best multiplat, and close 2nd in every category to most of us. If ND was to lose, it's ok they lost to the great awesome RockSteady...cause they deserve it too.

evrfighter3628d ago

Rocksteady probably saved Eidos from going bankrupt and shutting down. AA was probably the reason they were absorbed into Square

I say a developer that saved people's financial lives deserve this award.

That and they showed the world that comic book hero video games can be a force to be reckoned with.

mn213628d ago

They had so much for Batman AA. They brought Paul Dini to write the script, original voice actors including Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, and made one of the best superhero games.

zoks3103628d ago

Rock Steady earned it. B:AA was amazing.

xabmol3628d ago

Devs that came outta nowhere to make 1 great Batman game.


Devs that have been making great games since the PS1 and just released a frikin' unbelievably amazing 21/20 game.

...I think I'd have given it to ND.

Jaces3628d ago

Even though I think ND deserved it...I can't help but be happy for RockSteady getting this award, they really created a fantastic game...not forgetting to mention it was a fantastic 'Superhero' game in which we see very few if any at all.

That's an achievement all in itself.

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Bnet3433628d ago

Congrats to Rocksteady. There is no wrong choice, every nominee deserved it.

SoapShoes3628d ago

Just a piss poor popularity contest this year. However, incredibly surprising that IW didn't win. I had to turn off the TV.

only on playstaychun3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Lets be honest guys. Rocksteady did a great job and people never expected them to do such a good job with a Batman game. But everyone knows which were the studios who brought us the best games this year, IW and ND.

Blaster_Master3628d ago

Dont forget about Dragon Age. That games is freakin Epic.

Batzi3628d ago

Well deserved. Batman was truly an awesome amazing experience and it was one unexpected successful game. Congrats Rocksteady!

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