5 Ways to Improve the Left 4 Dead Series

By comparison, Left 4 Dead 2 lacks that level of innovation and is more like a sporty new body kit applied over an old chassis-it looks better, runs a bit faster and has some slick upgrades, but underneath the shiny, metallic veneer, it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Had it had a little more development time, we could've perhaps seen the next evolution of the series, rather than a relatively basic tune-job.

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Blaze9293628d ago

1. Better graphics
2. Actual storyline
3. Maybe some cutscenes
4. More weapons
5. More infected
6. More ways to kill
7. Bigger multiplayer
8. More campaign

blue7xx73622d ago

Yeah I agree with number 2 and 4. It needs to be scarier but then again there is no game out there that is scary. It also needs a story. But overall its a great game even without those things.