Music Composer Martin O'Donnell Wins An Award At The VGAs 2009

Music Composer Martin O'Donnell wins best original score for Halo:ODST at the Video Game Awards 2009.

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Saaking3624d ago

If anything, I have to say he's done a great job with Halo's music. It really compliments the game.

maskedwarrior3624d ago

I think Uncharted 2 deserves it more but I have no problem with ODST winning.

blue7xx73624d ago

Yeah I agree Halo ODST soundtrack was pretty amazing especially the night sequences.

i3eyond the Circle3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

About halfway through you hear what made New Mombasa's atmosphere stand out.

And this right here is my favorite.

Go to about the 5minute mark.

albert_2753624d ago

I hope everyone commenting here actually bought (or downloaded) the ODST soundtrack. It is incredibly well composed. Can't say that the whole game is equal to the music's quality... but I enjoyed it a lot nevertheless. That dam Reach beta is preventing me from selling it. Stupid Microsoft...
Heck, I listen to that OST every day!

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