PSUni Feature: Year-to-Date US Hardware Sales Compared

PSUni: So as the year approaches its close, and before the Decemeber rush comes in, we thought it best to give this year's hardware sales a comparison.

With many calling 2009 the year of the PS3, Sony's console has enjoyed a number of critically successful video games and with the launch of a cheaper and slimmer system, the machine has grabbed the attention of consumers.

However, in the month of November, the Xbox 360 had a surprise win over the PS3 in the US despite Sony's console achieving a very successful Thanksgiving week. So what's it looking like in the US for the year?

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raztad3623d ago

Good summary although is only NA+Japan. EU is missing but there is not a reliable source from over there.

WildArmed3623d ago

yeah, Eu data would make this article complete.
Never the less, great job in the summation.
If there was a reliable EU data source, I'm sure they would have used it.

Sevir043623d ago

Still It's show's just how much the PS3 is selling. In 2 regions it's been selling well. Novemeber by far has been the biggest for Sony's PS3. and december looks to be even bigger.

tripewire3623d ago

Final Fantasy 13 numbers are gonna be sickening.

gumgum993623d ago

For all we know, the 360 and PS3 could be neck-in-neck in Europe. When does the Europe numbers get released? Some guy above said periodically.