Spawn Kill Preview: Dante's Inferno "Gates of Hell" Demo

Molotov Cupcake of Spawn Kill writes:

"I'd like to cordially invite you into Hell. Yes, the fiery pit of despair that it's said you'll be banished to if you commit enough sins in your meager mortal lifetime. Throw away your inhibitions and ready yourself to witness copious amounts of filth, despair, desolation, and self-loathing. Really, you'll be glad you did. There's nothing to fear, especially if you're on a mission to reclaim your lover's soul from the likes of Lucifer while wielding the scythe of Death himself. So walk with me through the nine vicious circles of hell. Fear nothing, as you have now become death. You have become he who walks amongst the shadows. You are Dante. And your game is set to rival one of gaming's heavy-hitters if it plays its cards right."

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theherp804741d ago

great preview, can't wait to try out the demo.

rrquinta4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

I'm really looking forward to trying the demo and glad the PS3 will be getting a deluxe version :D (since I don't have a 360).

Snarkasaur4741d ago

I was blown away by it. The presentation is top effing notch, I love the animated cut scenes, the cinemated aesthetics, and I even appreciate the bastardization of the source material. And controlling that giant beast was hysterics.

K-Tuck4741d ago

I thought the animated cutscenes were weird at first, but having them used only for memories/flashbacks is pretty effensuite.

Loved the demo. I can add this game to my list of must-buys.

tigresa4741d ago

It's pretty interesting, I've only played the Lust demo thus far which wasn't anything special for me. But this new one looks decent, I'll have to watch for it on 360 in a few weeks! Guess it's my early Xmas gift from EA.

El_Colombiano4741d ago

I didn't like it. I had to go and play the GOW3 demo just to get the feel of hack n' slash back.

Shendow4741d ago

It was Ok demo, I played it on the PS3 an I might buy it later on, I got GOW3 already order and alot of other games.

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