A Final Fantasy 10 enemy to avoid at all costs

As one of the best and memorable games in the PlayStation 2's lifetime, Final Fantasy X has left us with some sort of memory or morale to be learned. However, one of these memories that I was left with is avoiding a certain enemy in the game.

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Hellsvacancy3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Armour Break or Power Break - Job done

These r the mofos that always got me http://images3.wikia.nocook...

gaffyh3627d ago

Those damn FF8 marlboros used to piss me off, how many status ailments can you get from one attack!!?!

Hellsvacancy3627d ago

Exactly - and they always jump out on ya u rarly get 2 strike 1st

Bubble 2 u 4-me bein not that only-1 who hated those god-damn mofos


sx993627d ago

That plant always poisoned my cast and was one of the most frequent monsters i came across. It even got to a point where Malboro was a sworn enemy on my black list. But still Defender Z knocks you out in one go; trust me. Poor

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dkblackhawk503628d ago

Defender Z is really the enemy to avoid, I remember playing that a while back...he was a pain.

dkblackhawk503628d ago

PlayStation 2 and Final Fantasy X...good times :P

sakura20093628d ago

i always thought about trying this game out but i heard it was 60 hours long so i decided not to invest my time into the game

Rumor Monger3628d ago

in my Opinion

dkblackhawk503628d ago

Yep, has quite the length in the game.

PirateThom3628d ago

Defender Z.... there's a few enemie in that game I run from, that is one of them. Not worth the effort.

dkblackhawk503628d ago

Exactly, why waste your time on it?

PirateThom3628d ago

42,300 HP, 6,000 AP for defeating, it doesn't drop very good items. If you need AP, there's other, more suitable, targets.

There is a very easy way to defeat Defender Z though (learned it while fighting Defender X), but I never had anyone with provoke so could never do it.

Cast Provoke on it, from then on it would only use Blast Punch on that one party member, Blast Punch only reduces health in half.

Hellsvacancy3628d ago

Use Slowga and Dark Touch youll blitz them man

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