Digital Foundry: DiRT 2: EGO Evolution Interview

Despite intense competition in the genre in recent years, Codemasters has managed to more than hold its own with its impressive roster of racer titles. Its most recent releases, Race Driver: GRiD and Colin McRae: DiRT 2, have both been very well-received, and have been state of the art not just in terms of gameplay but in their core technology too.

Last week, DiRT 2, powered by the latest iteration of Codemasters' proprietary EGO engine, debuted on PC. The developer has been working closely with key partners including Microsoft, Intel and AMD in creating the first top-tier PC release to support the new Windows 7 DirectX 11 API, and the result is the finest version of the game yet. The return of DiRT seemed like as good an excuse as any to talk tech with Codemasters: to discuss the evolution of the excellent EGO engine, the performance on HD consoles and what we can expect from them in future, along with the developers' plans to leverage the power of the many-core processing architecture we expect to see in next-gen systems.

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Letros3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

Glad I have these games for the PC, 60fps is a must for a racer.

"In the games industry we're always looking to push the immersive experience. These technologies are just the next wave of doing that. Besides, we've got a few more years yet of filling the GPU with full radiosity calculations and ray-tracing still to come."

This is whats really going to make gaming a life-like experience, we already have the polygons, and textures (Crysis Mods come to mind)it just comes down to proper lighting IMO.