OH SNAP! It's the 09 PSP Holiday Gift Guide

GB writes: "It's December and now it's time for the 2009 PSP Holiday Gift Guide. Today we will dive straight into the world of PSP and what you should and shouldn't buy; and who to buy it for and maybe a reason why."

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thegreatest78843623d ago

I have to say, Chinatown Wars is one of the best PSP games I've ever played. I still won't break down and buy a PSP Go though, I don't play my old PSP enough to even think about an upgrade.

Saaking3622d ago

Personally, I think it's better on the DS.

omicron0093623d ago

i wouldn't mind a PSP for xmas :)

cb8103623d ago

This article makes me want to actually play a game on the PSP

Ramin1233623d ago

I have totally lost interest in the handheld market altogether. My DS does a better job collecting dust than playing games. I really want to get Zero mission for GBA (which i can play on the DS) because the DS has a crap collection of games.

If I was messed up in the head and liked barbie and my little pony like the DS would be amazing. But I can't mind the last time there was ever any decent games on it, apart from Mario Kart and rub rabbits

pwarnock3622d ago

The PSP GO will be great for retailers hardware sales this year, but it's going to hurt them in the long run. Who needs to go to the local Game Stop when you can purchase directly online?

gameseveryday3622d ago

I felt this is necessary to comment on.

@ pwarnock: Sorry I have to disagree with you mate. The PSP Go! is doing ok as far as I know. Every new system launches with a bang and slows down. It happens with every console or handheld gaming device. So it will be a no surprise if that's happening to the PSP as well.

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