Rock Band Blowout Plus First Screens

Harmonix knows music games. Responsible for developing nearly every hit music rhythm game known to man, the studio's credits include Guitar Hero I and II, Frequency, Amplitude, and Karaoke Revolution. Now Harmonix is hard at work developing its most ambitious title yet, Rock Band. Drums, vocals, guitar, and bass will all play together in a single game for the first time this fall. To learn more about this highly anticipated title, IGN went to Alex Rigopulos, co-founder and CEO of Harmonix with questions on everything from the single player game to MIDI possibilities.

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MK_Red4807d ago

The game looks a lot like Guitar Hero. I hope its not too expensive... this game is HOT.

weekapaugh4807d ago

hahahaha, they just used the guitar hero engine.

emptiness4807d ago

first, this game looks like a serious rip off of guitar hero with the addition of alternate instruments.

secondly, it's backed by Mtv, a corporate power house that totally destroyed itself and went pansy-ass mainstream with their immature and gay-ass trl, road rules, the real world, etc. i thought it was mtv [MUSIC TELEVISION!], not homoerotic, social-fantasy television! F, mtv! and f this f'ing rip off of guitar hero. i won't have anything to do with it just because of it's mtv affiliation.

wiijared4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago )

If you can sing, have a lead and base guitar, and drum on one system, how are they going to fit all that on one screen?

Hey entisp, MTV backed up guitar hero I and II. I think the soundtrack will be fine. MTV isn't picking all the songs Besides, you can request the songs you want on the rockband website. As long as you don't request crappy music like fall out boy or red jumpsuit apparatus we'll be fine.

emptiness4807d ago

good if you can sing, have a lead and bass, have a drum kit, and have a life you can start a REAL rock band

Weed4807d ago

Can't beleive people are calling this a guitar hero rip off. The same damn people made it. =/

emptiness4807d ago (Edited 4807d ago ) are you saying then it can't be a rip off? because if you are then you're wrong. mtv is buying a big part of it.

i write a great novel under the wing of some lesser known publisher then some huge corporate f-wads buy the publisher and say they own the rights to my novel and story. that's not a rip off?

...and yes i'm exaggerating a bit

Weed4807d ago

Yes I'm saying it can't be a rip off. Harmonix made GHI and GHII, I don't see how they can rip themselves off. I also don't see why you veiw MTV as such a negative force for rock band, they have backed guitar hero in the past and both of those games were pure awesomeness. With MTV as publisher don't you think that will help them get rights to songs? I mean they are actually letting people submit songs that they want to see in the next game.

You still wrote the great novel in the end didn't you? I expect Harmonix to put out another great game regardless of publisher.

emptiness4806d ago

i guess i'll play the devils advocate and say this game is not going to sell like guitar hero...

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