CSM: The Princess and the Frog Review

CSM writes: "The Princess and the Frog game for the Nintendo Wii game is a series of mini-games loosely connected with a story line. The game starts at the end of the The Princess and the Frog movie in Tiana's new restaurant. Tiana needs the players' help in earning improvements for the restaurant before its Grand Opening. Those improvements are earned by playing the mini-games. Kids access the mini-games by exploring different hubs, represented by different characters found inside the restaurant. As each character reminisces, players are introduced to a set of mini-games, which, once played, unlock for unlimited play. By reliving their memories, the characters show the player to the movie's story. There are 25 mini-games which run the gamut from dancing games to memory games to games about timing leaps in the air. There are also cooking games, dress-up games, decorating games, and target games. These mini-games all feature 4 player capabilities; and if there are less playing, the other players are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence."

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