RGN Review: Runes of Magic

RGB writes: "The RoM story is set in the world of Taborea. The world was created by a God known as Ayvenas, who wrote a book in which he 'captured the shape of the world and recorded the origin of life' naturally the book became known as Taborea. At the time there was a balance among the elements but ofcourse that did not last and the world went into chaos as it usually does in these sort of stories. The world has a huge history which is split into different 'Ages' and for players that are interested in it there is a section on the main website that lets you read it all in full. In the beginning humans were just at the beginning of a journey that would see the world destroyed, at peace and then in peril once again. Humans over time had begun to gain more knowledge and started deadly machines and started to challenge the world, they even became deluded enough to challenge the Gods. Throughout the world there was Dragons and Guardians created by the Gods which the humans tried to enslave and trap for their own deeds."

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