Naughty Dog working on more DLC for Uncharted 2

Naughty Dog says that they are planning for more DLC in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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ZombieAutopsy3630d ago

Hope it comes out soon and hopefully it has MP maps and Co-op maps as well...hell even a side story for SP would be wonderful.

Redempteur3630d ago

More co-op maps will ROCK

ROCK HARD if i may say so .

Baba19063630d ago

i love u guys. *kiss*. awesome DL-Content for a awesome game. =D

execution173630d ago

i hope it's another free dlc again

Ju3630d ago

I don't really care if its free. That game costs $49 now, unlike "other" high profile games, and is worth every penny. I'd pay for new maps for developers who actually deserve my money. Bring it on.

execution173630d ago

even if it isn't free, i'll still pay for it, probably the only online game i actually have fun at, it's fun playing the blame game then end up laughing about it the next round, anyways, need a third for some U2
co-op psn - Execution17 usually need a good third, since everyone usually leaves after a match or unless we're on a roll :( never seem them again by the time we're done

Serial_EDX3630d ago

It should have been included in the game.....

Oh wait the ps3 is excluded from that argument isn't it.


PirateThom3630d ago

Considering the first DLC was free and the game has been out for 2 months now and they're "actively working" on more content makes me think it's unlikely they just left this off the disc.

Serial_EDX3630d ago

Really...Sounds alot like the frist L4D expansion, Which If I recall had people complaining about it saying it should have been on the disk. *mostly ps3 fans*

Or have you all forgotten about that?

PirateThom3630d ago

Except, that game was painfully short and unfinished.

TheDeadMetalhead3630d ago


Nobody even tries to be a good troll anymore. :(

Serial_EDX3630d ago

Really unfinished. I guess the fact that people played it more then UC2 hurts your feelings huh?

poopsack3630d ago

man ur all over the place, cant even stay on one subject to troll on. He went from Ps3 fbs are hypocrites to Ps3 gamers dont play games.

young juice3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

ummm remember they used up all 25gb of space so they had to make this dlc

you fail on to the next troll

solidjun53630d ago

And a hypocrite for calling out trolls when you're the same thing. Dude, the game came out in October. This isn't no Resident Evil 5 debacle where the content is on the disc and we're being charged for it.

-------------> Go that way. You belong there.

geoholyhart3630d ago

400kb updates are simply unlocking content on the disc. This is not the case, thus the argument is invalid. Keep up the good work Naughty Dog.

raztad3630d ago


I think you have too many bubbles to spread so much nonsense.


badz1493630d ago

said someone who probably has never played the game! I guess ODST and L4D2 are indeed too short and now you're trying to drag another game into that dreaded category, aren't you? go away to the open zone, TROLL! FYI, Uncharted 2 campaign is longer than ODST and L4D2 combined and recently we got a free DLC of a map from the 1st game! it's awesome but oh yeah, you probably won't understand because you pay $60 for expansions!!

S M N3630d ago

- Bubble

any body who play uncharted 2 know how much ND work hard on it

have fun playing with your full price dlc

mrv3213630d ago

Hmm, let's see for a moment.

L4D1 was promised lots of free content, all we got it survival and able to use all the maps. L4D2 added, 3 new enemies, melee weapons and new maps.

Uncharted 2 added co-op, survival and multiplayer... and you still want more. Maybe you should read the title... WORKING! That means it's not on the disc. They also gave us free stuff and no one is complaining about uncharted 2's lack of content.

Why Dat3630d ago

lol, he's probably one of those kids that thinks he is entitled to [all] FREE dlc, because his mommy can't afford to support his gaming addiction.

That, or he is so hurt that such a Godly developer like ND, will never work for Microsoft. That's right, ND doesn't want to be bogged down. They want the freedom and choice to make amazing, high production games, and that is what Sony's giving them.

3630d ago
spunnups3630d ago

They filled up an entire 25gb Blu Ray Disc and your complaining about content?

Redempteur3630d ago

Thanks for the laugh ..

The DLC was 113 mo ..and was free ...

it's no 120 ko key ...

Besides the game was complete even without this

DigitalAnalog3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

And all future 360 exclusives better have games that reach the 25GB mark, okay?

*Pricks bubble with a needle.

-End Statement

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MajestieBeast3630d ago

Serial troll failed back to the drawing board for you to make a new plan to troll ps3 posts.

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The story is too old to be commented.